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An actor, TV host, and celebrity, Arsenio Hall was popular during his TV shows. However, he came into the spotlight because he was the father of Cheryl Bonacci children. The couple has only a child together but, nowadays, the couples have parted their ways.

Only a few people knew about the relationship of the couple. The couple was very secretive about their personal life because of which no details were available. After diving into life, let’s get more information about Cheryl Bonacci Relationship With Arsenio Hall.


Cheryl Bonacci relationship with Arsenio was kind of secretive and mysterious. There were rumors and speculation about their relationship. But, no one knew for sure.

Cheryl met his love Arsenio when she was working as a personal manager for Arsenio. However, at that time, he has already left the TV shows. But, still, because of his name and fame, he was in the spotlight for having a child with Cheryl.

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There haven’t been any prominent details about their dating life and relationship. But, we do know, the couple was on good terms after they went apart.

Cheryl Bonacci Son

The couple has an only child named Arsenio Hall Jr. He was born on September 30, 1999. As of 2021, he is 22 years old and is successful in his education. But, when we talk about his early age, he grew up with a single father and mother. However, Arsenio Jr handled it very well. Currently, he is studying at the Kelly School of Business.

So, when we scout his social media account, we realized his support for the recent Black Lives Matter. He even has put himself in a rally and different events for supporting BLM.

The couple has acknowledged that they love their child very much and are proud of him. It shows how much efficiently they have handled their roles as parents.

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