You can find Caspian Feild to be the luckiest kid born in the world. I mean, at the age of nine years old, he has gained millions of people who are curious about this child. But the real question is, who is Caspian Feild? To know more, stick with us till the end of the article.

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Caspian is the son of famous scream queen Neve Campbell and British/American film and theater actor JJ Feild. Caspian now has a fan following thanks to his parents, even though he may not know about the term “fans.” Let us learn more about this 9-year kid in the following article.

How old is Caspian Feild? Learn the Age of Neve Campbell’s Son

Quick Info
Full NameCaspian Feild
Birth DateAugust of 2012
Birth PlaceUnited States
MotherNeve Campbell
FatherJJ Feild
Caspian Feild
Caspian’s mother announces the adoption of the second son on Instagram.

What is Caspian Feild Age?

Caspian was born in mid-2012, ten years old in 2022 August. Caspian is growing up in a wealthy household, and his parents provide him with all the things he needs at his age. The exact birthplace of Caspian is unknown; however, he was born somewhere in America.

Additionally, the specific birth details of Feild are unknown to the public because Neve’s pregnancy at that time was highly confidential. Furthermore, Caspian shares his joy and happily lives with his younger brother Raynor. Raynor is an adopted kid. He was adopted on the 30th of June, 2018.

Who are Caspian Feild Parents?

Both of Feild’s parents have been involved in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years now. Therefore, both of them are veterans in what they do.

Who are Caspian Feild Parents? Learn About His Bonding with Family

His Mother, Neve Campbell Feild

Neve is a professional Canadian actress working in the industry since 1989. She got famous for her role in the movie franchise Scream as Sidney Prescott. Neve is a beauty icon, being named on the People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” two times. Furthermore, Campbell has been married three times now, and JJ is her third husband.

Caspian Feild
Caspian Feild with mother

His father, JJ Feild

JJ Feild (Full Name John Joseph Feild) is a British-American actor working in the industry since 1999. He is mainly notable for his role in the Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger. JJ was a celebrity child himself, the son of famous musician Reshad Feild.

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What is Caspian Currently Doing?

Caspian is a lovely 9-year-old kid living a low-key life despite having prevalent parents. Being in the limelight 24/7 is a challenging task for adults, ruining a kid’s life. Considering that, Caspian’s parents have kept him out of the public eye for now. He must be currently attending primary schooling in Brooklyn, where they reside. As most of the kids his age would follow, he could be studying in Grade 4. There is also a possibility he is home-schooled to be out of the public eye.

Caspian Feild
Caspian Feild parents, Neve Campbell and JJ Field (Image Source: NewsBreak)

What is Caspian Feild Net Worth?

Caspian is just a young boy who has spent very little time in the world. However, he is fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family. His mother, Neve Campbell, has an estimated net worth of $10 million, whereas his father, JJ, has $7 million. Therefore, Caspian will probably make a great career and earn more than his parents shortly.

What is Caspian Feild Height?

There are very few details about Neve Campbell’s son at the moment. However, since Caspian is a growing child, he will become tall in the future. He has curly blonde hair and beautiful black eyes through some of the few pictures we’ve seen of him on the internet. He has inherited the good looks from his parents.

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