Whether we call it a stroke of luck or a blessing, we all cannot deny the fact that Caspian Feild is one of the luckiest kids born in the world. From becoming a millionaire at the age of ten to gaining millions of followers who are always excited about his life, this is all due to Caspian Feild Parents. We have seen many celebrity kids who were born, but what exactly is unique about him?

Caspian Feild is the name that is directly connected to a famous scream queen Neve Campbell and veteran actor JJ Feild. He started shining on the popular news portals and social media platforms when JJ Feild introduced him publicly. However, many people are still surprised after knowing about Caspian and his link to the Caspian family. So, let’s dive into this article to get answers to your curiosities.

All You Need To Know About Caspian Feild

Caspian Feild Parents
Caspian Feild, Son of Neve Campbell and JJ Feild

What is Caspian Feild Age?

Caspian Feild is a nine-year-old little boy born in mid-2012. Many internets sources claim that he celebrates his birthday in the month of August. However, the little boy’s birthplace is in the United States of America under the family of Caspians and Campbells. Feild holds an American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity of British-American. He is also a grandson of Gerry Campbell, Reshad Feild and Marnie Campbell. Moreover, Caspian is the cousin of Indira Rose Campbell.

How old is Caspian Feild? Learn the Age of Neve Campbell’s Son

Caspian Feild Parents are the Stars!

Caspian Feild is not an ordinary child. His roots are connected to the most successful and rich family. Yes, the trendy little star is the son of popular Canadian actress Neve Campbell Feild and his father, JJ Feild (John Joseph Feild). He is an American-British actor mainly known for his appealing roles in MCU movies like Captain America: The First Avenger.

Caspian Feild Parents
Caspian Feild Parents Holding 3-Months Old Caspian via. dailymail. co.uk

Both of his parents were also a child and daughters born into the celebrity family. JJ Feild was born as a child of famous Musician Reshad Feild. As a result, the superiority and the spark of being the eldest son have always been an advantage to Caspian. But this is not what his parents think. Despite having well-established and always-surrounded by media parents, the fizzy hair boy lives a low-key life.

Caspian Shares a Strong Bond With Mom and Dad

His parents have excluded him from exposing him to the media highlights. However, it might be because they understand how media keeps an eye on a celebrity’s life and sometimes ruins it. Currently, Caspian is attending a primary school in Brooklyn as his parents reside there. His father and mother adopted another boy child Raynor on the 30th of June 2018.

Caspian Feild Parents
Caspian Feild with his brother Raynor Via. vergewiki.com

Caspian Feild shares a perfect and strong relationship with his parents and brother. Many of the online media has not covered the news, but his parents named him “Caspian” from the name of the world’s largest lake. Moreover, his mother was also a great fan of Chronicles of Narnia which led her to name him Caspian, a prince in Narnia. The boy spends holidays with his parents, goes to family parties and is always ready to travel together with his mom. 

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