Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, commonly known as Kenn Whitaker, is the most familiar name in the entertainment industry. Introduced as the younger brother of an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award Winner, Forest Whitaker, the two celebrity giants shares the same blood relation from their parents. Due to much alike color, facial structure, height and hair, fans often think, Are Forest Whitaker and Kenn Whitaker Twins?

Forest and Kenn are famous people. They can obtain frames and names from different hit movies and tv shows like Platoon, The Butler, Black Panther, Isaac in Life, Otis in the Theory of the Leisure Class, Ben Forchet in Last Days, Tracey Taken On and Party of Five.

let us see more about Kenn Whitaker 

Kenn Whitaker Twins
Forest Whitaker and Younger Brother Kenn Whitaker

Forest Whitaker and Kenn Whitaker are not the only actors in Whitaker’s family. Born and raised in a typical American-African family, Forest holds the title of the elder brother of three other siblings. He has a sister named Deborah and brothers Damon and Kenn Whitaker. However, fans and viewers are mainly interested to know the fact behind their confusing thinking Forest and Kenn Whitaker Twins.

Are Whitaker Brothers from the Same Parents!

Social Media is the main medium these days, which helps us to know the world’s happenings just by simple clicks. Last year, in 2020, a popular social media influencer Barry Roux tweeted a picture of Forest and Kenn, saying, “I’ve been confused my whole life. These are two different people. Both are actors but two different people”.

Kenn Whitaker Twins
Social Media Influencers are talking about Their confusion about Kenn and Forest’s Appearance.

Then similarly, another person tweeted the same feeling of confusion talking about the appearance of the two Whitaker brothers. Soon, the whole internet started tripping about Forest and His brother Kenn. Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker belong to the same family and parents. They were born as the children of Forest E. Whitaker Jr. and Laura Francis. 

Also, both are successful actors in Hollywood. But comparing these two celebrity giants by their career success, Kenn has not been acting too much lately. Although Kenn appeared alongside the great actor Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in 1999’s film Life, he said goodbye to his career in 2001 after the film Last Days. 

Are Forest Whitaker And Kenn Whitaker Twins?

Kenn Whitaker has always been shadowed by his elder brother’s success and wealth. Even though he has worked on some hits projects, people still know him as Forest Whitaker’s younger brother. But the actual subject of curiosity amongst fans is not what the Whitaker brothers have done in their professional life.

The main question is, are Kenn and Forest fraternal twins? Well, the answer is No. Forest Whitaker was born on the 15th of July, 1961. Meanwhile, Kenn Whitaker came to this world on the 8th of June, 1963. Considering their birth dates, it is clear that the Whitaker siblings are not twins. Then Why do They Look So Similar? You may ask.

Kenn Whitaker Twins
Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker are Lookalike

Forest Whitaker is the first child, whereas Kenn is the second child of their parent, with only two years of age difference. Therefore, it’s just a coincidence that Forest and Kenn have identical appearances as twins. Even though they are different people in real, whenever we look at their pictures or interviews, we might face difficulty identifying whether the person in Kenn of Forest.

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