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Arat Hosseini that one popular seven-year-old Athlete kid who is bringing the heat all over the Internet nowadays. He is famous as the youngest high skilled footballer, and Instagram star hails from Iran. Even though he seems like an ordinary innocent-looking kid, he is as professional and competent as any adult footballer.

Besides being an athlete and a young social media personality, Arat has also named ‘Little Messi.’ His acrobatic stunts and dribbling ability always bring “Wow” to the audience’s faces. Hence, stay tuned to this page to know more about Arat in detail.

Who is Arat Hosseini Father and Mother? Learn About His Parents

Quick Facts
Name Arat Hosseini
Birth September 30th, 2013
Age 7 years old
Nationality Iranian
Father Mohammad
Club Liverpool Academy Club
Net Worth $700K
Currently in Liverpool, England

Early Age

Arat Hosseini was born on September 30th, 2013, in Tehran, Iran, with a birth sign of Libra. He was delivered to a father named Mohammad. His father is the first and most loved teacher of Arat Hosseini, who taught him training tactics and workouts. ( However, the details about Arat’s mother are unknown.

Furthermore, he felt blessed to have an elder sister Ayda Hosseini and enjoyed a lot with her playing around. Moreover, Arat currently resides in Liverpool of England, with his father, Mohammad, but his mother and sister still lived in Iran.

Similarly, he is an Iranian who follows Islam, while his ethnicity is Asian. Arat is a very energetic and kind of confident child, also very good in school in Liverpool. However, his father Mohammad praised him for signing up Premier League Team in Liverpool’s Youth Academy.


Arat’s connection with football developed when he was just 9-months old. As a result, his father also took one step further to train him to be an unbeatable football player in the future. Whereas, Arat himself is a very talented and hardworking player who follows his father’s words.

Because of his hardworking ability, he became famous and a trendy topic for media coverage. At the age of seven, he masters football dribbling so smoothly that only the legendary player Lionel Messi has this quality so far.

However, he caught the media attention when his dad posted a video of Arat on Facebook and Instagram. In the footage, Arat was showing his football skills and workouts. Talking about his inspiration and football idol, he is a big fan of Star footballer “Lionel Messi,” and he is famous as Liverpool’s mini Lionel Messi.

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Relationship Status

Arat is just seven years old kid who does not even know the meaning of a relationship. He is still too young to be in any relationship; however, he is more focused on his workouts and football training.

Moreover, the fans and followers of Arat have always been curious to know about his personal life, girlfriend, and relationship. But the cute kiddo has not revealed or said anything regarding this matter. However, when our athlete boy grew up in the coming days, he might sure open up and tell his relationship stories.

Social Media

Arat Hosseini is active on Social Media with a massive fan following around the globe. He has around 5.7 Million followers on his Instagram account with the name ‘@arat.gym’. Likewise, on Facebook, the word ‘@Arat Hosseini’ has gained 1 million followers. His father, Mohammad, has handled both of his accounts, and he keeps on posting updates of his son.

Net Worth

Even though Arat is just a seven-year-old kid, he is already making money in American dollars. All those years of hard work and dedication towards football made his Net Worth of around $700K as of 2021. He is a member of Liverpool’s Youth Academy, who played numerous games and won many awards. So it is not something to be amazed about for a player like him.

Physical Appearance

Arat Hosseini stands at 3 feet 10 inches of height, having around 25 Kilograms of body weight. As he is an athlete and footballer, he has grown a muscular body and six-pack abs. Likewise, Arat has an innocent face with shiny dark brown eyes and long brown colored hair.

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