Who would have thought that being an awesome skateboarder might land you an acting job? In the world of multi-talented people, we will talk about yet another American celebrity named Ajani Russell. Ajani Russell Is a popular American skateboard dancer as well as an actor. She became popular all over America for her role in popular television shows like Betty and Skate kitchen.

From working as a full-time actress to working with popular brands like Nike and vogue. She has been able to broaden her field of excellence due to her Skills. Recently, her role in Betty Television series as Indigo became the talk of the town. Since her discography is not available on the Internet, we will talk about her and her lifestyle in today’s coverage!

What Is Ajani Russell Age? Learn About Her Birthday

Quick Facts
Full Name Ajani Russell
Date of Birth 11th of March 1999
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Relationship Single
Net worth 700K
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight 53Kg
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Father’s name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown

What is Ajani Russell Age?

As of 2022, she is around the age of 23 years old. Ajani Russell celebrates her birthday on the 11th of March every year. She was born in 1999 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Since she is already 23 years old, she has already obtained her American nationality card, and her ethnicity is African American.

Ajani Russell
Ajani Russell Via Instagram

As far as her details about parents and siblings are concerned, she has not shared any details about them on the Internet. Even though she became popular after her two features, she is still a struggling actor, and the media still has to learn a lot about her.

Where did Ajani receive her Education?

Just like the details about her parents and our siblings, that detail about her Academy qualifications is still private. However, unlike other celebrities, she is not comfortable sharing her Academy qualifications with the public.

She has finished her primary and secondary studies at her local schools and colleges in Brooklyn, as far as we are concerned. Furthermore, after searching a lot, we found out that she was studying arts at the Clarts Art Academy. 

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Did Betty Tv Series Ajani Quit?

Ajani has always had a passion for acting from an early age. At 11 years old, she started learning ballet dance and skateboarding, alongside Rachelle Vinberg. A few directors later recognized her barefoot dancing and allowed her to get featured in Skate Kitchen 2018. Skate Kitchen was her first movie that debuted after filming a short movie in 2016.

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However, due to her remarkable acting in that particular movie, she was later featured in a television series known as Betty. Even though she acted in that particular show in 2020, she left the setback in 2021. As of now, she is no longer working on that particular television.

Ajani Russell
Ajani Russell with her friend Via Instagram

Are Ajani Russell and Ardelia Lovelace dating?

The popular actress is open about her sexuality, if you don’t know. Even though she claims to be a straight female, she says that she is never hesitant about being in a same-sex relationship. Due to this reason, the media started speculating the rumors about her dating her Co-star named, Ardelia Lovelace.

Even though Ajani herself turned down this rumor, later on, she took the media to fight the sex trolls during her work in the television series Betty. She shows the sign of an independent and well-educated female actress who supports every thought and individuality.

Is Ajani active on social media?

As we already said, she is a popular spokesperson and loves to give opinions through her social media platform. Among her social media platforms, she is most active on Instagram. The reason why she is more popular on Instagram it’s because she already has a vibe of her own.

She loves to share that Vibe on the popular photo-sharing social media platform. Nevertheless, you can always follow her on Instagram under the username @ajvni. As of April 2022, she has around 89K followers and follows around 1.7K people.

Ajani Russell
Ajani Russell with Blonde Eyebrow Via Instagram

What is Ajani Russell Net Worth?

Unlike many other actors and actresses, she maintains her financial status through different income sources. Primarily, she works in different movies and TV shows to make A pretty decent income.

She also works with popular brands like Nike, Vogue, and Adidas as their brand Ambassador. Since she is very good at skateboarding and other exercise-related activities, she gets the attention of these brands very easily. Nevertheless, as of 2022, her net worth is around 700K.

What is Ajani Russell Height?

Often people in the model industry are well known for their slimmer and perfect eyebrows. Whereas in her case, she doesn’t need an eyebrow to be a model. If you go through her modeling pictures, you can see that she dies her eyebrow to blonde while posing for modeling pictures. (Xanax)

When Media asked about it, she said numerous times that this makes her stand out from the others. Other than her eyebrow, her height is around 5 feet and 5 inches, and her body weight is around 53 kg. Unfortunately, we could not find her Zodiac sign due to a lack of information. 

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