Zoe Grisedale is a well-known actress, director, and screenwriter who has appeared in films and television shows such as No Code, The Landlady, Six Seconds to Death, Comedy Gigs, and others. Many people have been gossiping about her recently because she is said to have a partner half her age. Since then, Zoe Grisedale age has been a hot subject.

Zoe Grisedale is mostly famous for working in Game of Thrones as Ramsay Balton. She has had the spotlight to herself since then and is evergreen in the spotlight. Because of the rumor about her young boyfriend, her age and other personal details are very much wanted. Many Game of Thrones fans is still googling about her after ages of its release. Continue reading the following article to know more about the rumor and her age.

Zoe Grisedale Age
Zoe and her boyfriend together at an award ceremony

What is Zoe Grisedale Age?

Zoe Grisedale looks very young in her appearances in movies and TV Shows. She has a huge fanbase and audiences think she is very beautiful. However, the age of this young and beautiful actress is not available on the internet. Different sites have a different idea of how old she is but her accurate age is still unavailable on the internet. We only know that she celebrates her birthday on the 29th of January.

Zoe Grisedale Age
Zoe, an American actress

It looks like Zoe values her privacy more than anything else. Basic information like her birth details and her age is not disclosed on the internet yet, which tells how private she is. Whenever the media tries to dig her information up, she remains silent. She does not like media attention a lot and subtly avoids the media whenever they ask her about her personal information. Furthermore, it looks like the internet has to do a lot of hard work to find more about her personal information.

Who Is Zoe Boyfriend?

Zoe is in a long-term relationship with the very talented Iwan Rheon. He is famous for working in movies and TV Shows like Game of Thrones, The Prince, American Gods, etc. It is rumored that Zoe and Iwan met on the set of Game of Thrones and started dating but this is not confirmed by anyone. Fans admire this beautiful couple very much, and they even have a kid together. Despite all the love, they are widely rumored about their age.

Zoe Grisedale Age
Zoe and her newly born

Many rumors claim that Iwan is half the age of Zoe. But there are no supporting details to this rumor. Zoe’s age is not even available on the internet and this rumor is just a rumor. However, Iwan is 37 years old according to the internet and Zoe looks way too old to look like she is in her mid-70s. Thus, rumors about Iwan being half the age of Zoe are not true. But both of them have not said anything about it.

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