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Tony Campisi is a Veteran actor known for his fantastic acting and role portraying skills in numerous TV and Movie projects. He has proven his worthiness in the movies like Spider-Man 2, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Tony is indeed a great natural actor whose undeniable skills got recognition only after his marriage to Kathy Bates. Together with Kathy, Campisi learned and walked into the glorious path of fame and success appearing in the 1993 film, ‘A Home Of Our Own. Let’s find out more about Tony Campisi’s personal life and Tragedy moments further here.

Love Story Of Tony Campisi and Kathy Bates

In the beginning, Tony Campisi was less familiar with the Hollywood limelight and trends as an actor. But it changes everything when he found Kathy Bates as his Girlfriend. The two beautiful souls did not ever meet on any stages or movie sets. However, their mutual friends have a significant role in their love story as they introduce and give them tickets to a Play to watch together. (

As a result, both Campisi and Bates sat next to each other and eventually started a new romantic relationship chapter that lasted for 13-years before their marriage. The two actors even appeared playing lovers onstage during their time.

Thus, after carrying out their relationship for more than 13-years, the pair announced their engagement. And officially exchanged their wedding vows in April 1991. After the marriage, the newlywed couples started spending a delightful life together, staying at each other’s side in every challenging situation.

Tony Campisi Wife Kathy Bates

Campisi and Bates have carried out a great relationship together. Even though they have a lot of work and commitments, they make an effort to spend more time together. However, spending much time of your life apart from your loved ones ultimately puts you away from them.

As a result, the relationship of Tony and Kathy started struggling. His wife, Kathy become a high-profile celebrity, has won an Oscar for her role in Misery. However, the main conspicuous sign started when she did not acknowledge her husband, Tony, even he was the one who stands out in the crowd and staying with her at every lousy time of her career.

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Reason of Divorce

Therefore, after six years of marriage and more than Nineteen-Years together in a total of a relationship, Tony Campisi divorced his wife, Kathy. Unfortunately, the confusion and misunderstandings made their divorce in 1997 and never seen each other after the day.

The pair have not had any kids from their long-term relationship. Moreover, neither Tony nor Kathy has bound in another connection. Both began to live a low-key life, but Kathy is still active in Industry. Unfortunately, however, Tony is no more in this world; he was found dead in his apartment in Texas at 67 due to a Brain Hemorrhage.

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