Cathy Trien was a very popular American actress who came into the limelight for contributing a lot to the entertainment industry. She is famous for working in movies and TV Shows like High maintenance, Murphy Brown, The Drop, Gossip Girls, etc. She is recently a hot topic for many audiences with the news of her death. After thing news, people are searching for how Cathy Trien husband is doing.

Even after her death, there are many rumors about who Cathy’s husband was. Controversies surrounded famous actors like Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, and Peter Scolari about being Cathy’s husband. Even after more than a year of her death, audiences are still searching for Cathy Trien husband. Continue reading to learn more about who Cathy’s husband was and what he is doing now.

All You Want To Know About Cathy Trien

Cathy Trien Husband
Cathy, an American actress

Who was Cathy Trien Husband?

This beautiful actress was surrounded by many rumors about dating famous celebrities while she was young. Even though there were many controversies surrounding her dating life, she was a happy married woman. Since September 11, 1998, she used to call Peter Scolari her husband, but things went downhill for them. Later, they divorced each other after sharing two kids together.

Cathy Trien Husband
Cathy and her ex-husband, Peter

After the divorce, they moved on with their lives and marriage. Peter, however, died due to cancer, and Cathy expressed her sadness to the media. Cathy got married to Daniel Stewart Sherman after the divorce and was living a happy life. Daniel was there for Cathy until the day she died. There is not much information available on the internet regarding Daniel and Cathy.

Where is Daniel now?

Daniel was a very nice husband to Cathy Trien and greatly cared for her. According to the sources, he was very sad about Cathy’s passing and gave a heart-touching speech at her funeral. She died a natural death at the age of 50. Cathy passed away in Livingston hospital while she was with her husband and children. Daniel is also a very nice stepfather.

Cathy Trien Husband
Cathy and Daniel

Daniel, like his wife, has contributed much to the entertainment industry and is working today. He has an upcoming movie, Bleu Halloween. Daniel is famous for working in movies and TV Series like What if I were you, Out and About, Shades of Blue, etc. He is currently working in the industry and is looking after his stepchildren. Furthermore, Daniel is reaching heights and making a lot of money.

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