It’s astonishing how a general person can rise to fame after being featured on a Television show. Well, one example of it is Jessica Samko. Her life took a vital turn when she appeared in A&E reality TV show Shipping Wars. However, it’s not only because of her acting skills but also because of her tough character. She proved that women could also work hard as men, on the show as truck drivers.

In addition to her character as a truck driver, she is unbelievably tough and ambitious. Likewise, she handles her work under harsh environmental conditions, which made her popular among her fans. Now, let’s find who is Jessica Samko Husband.

Jessica Samko and Derek Smith Relationship

Derek Smith is not as famous as Jessica Samko but, he is also a truck driver. Derek is also the owner of the Cargo and Freight Company, DMS. In addition to his personal life, he must be born and raised in New York. Jessica and Derek were friends before they tied their knot. Likewise, Jessica Samko Husband is also a professional trucker. Jessica has mentioned few times her husband in the show Shipping Wars.

She said Derek was very supportive of her and all her life choices. However, their exact marriage date is not available in public records. Jessica doesn’t have any kids till now but, the couple has adopted three adorable pugs named Butchy, Pudge, and Ceasar.

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Jessica Samko Husband

What are they Doing Now?

Derek and Jessica were best friends before marriage. The couple started dating after they were friends. After the show cancellation in 2015, she is still a truck driver and does her daily job as a trucker. The couples are happily living together as husband and wife. In her free time, she likes to ride motorbikes with Derek and take care of her three pugs. However, she is private about her personal life. Therefore she has no active social media account.