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Eric Etebari is a famous actor with four awards and a huge fanbase. Because he is a famous celebrity his love life has a lot of media attention. This famous actor has many controversies about his dating life and it is said that he is not patient enough to stay with his partner for a longer period of time. Thus, after this rumor fans are really curious about who Eric Etebari wife is. (

He has been in the spotlight for working in the recent 2022 movie Shadows as Dean. He also has three upcoming movies Sweetwater, Side effect, and A voice in violet.  Eric is also famous for working in movies and Tv Series like Narcos: Mexico, Alone, Boss level, etc. Audiences love him for doing very nice work in the industry. Stick to this article to learn about his personal life, especially about his wife.

Eric Etebari Wife
Eric on set

Who is Eric Etebari Wife?

Eric Etebari’s wife is a topic of interest to every Narcos fan and beyond. This actor was widely criticized by many saying he could not do long-term relationships. The reference for this rumor is that he was dating the very beautiful Nicole Eggert. Unfortunately, they only lasted for a year.  According to sources, after the spill, Eric was highly blamed for mistreating Nicole but we don’t know if any of this is true.

Eric Etebari Wife
Young Eric and Nicole

After this breakup, Eric never really talked about his partner with the media. Later after the controversies were off his head, he revealed that he married Angela Gots on 3rd August 2019. James George Etebari is a cute son born to this lovely couple. His son and wife appear to be extremely happy together, and he hardly ever posts pictures of them online.

What is Eric doing Now?

Eric now appears to be focusing on his career and is succeeding very well in the entertainment business. He has been doing very nice since his debut. Etebari has won the best actor award at New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, the best director’s award at Milan International Filmmaker Festival, the Best social issue feature film at Manhattan Film Festival, and the best feature film at Atlantic City Cinefest. He is currently putting on a lot of effort in the industry and boosting his career and equally providing for his family.

Eric Etebari Wife
Eric and his wife

Eric now has a net worth is approximately 2 million USD. He is living lavishly with his family. He is traveling and leading the life of his dreams while living in a big and beautiful house. Etebari has put a lot of effort into his career for the life he is currently leading.

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