Say hi to Tanner Zagarino, a handsome young man with many talents. As a newcomer in the Hollywood sector, people always judged him by his skills and achievements. Anyways, being the son of Hollywood legends Elizabeth Giordano and Frank Zagarino, Tanner didn’t have to struggle much to cement his legs in the industry. Just like his acting skills, shirtless pictures and rumors, Tanner Zagarino Age is also a hot topic on the internet nowadays.

Even being a newcomer, Tanner has given some superhit performances as Vinny Mancuso in Vinny Mancuso’s Rule for Good Business, Shane in The Price We Pay, and Donovan in 9-1-1: Lone Star and Peter in Day by Day. Besides this, the man is also a social media celebrity, blogger and fashion model of American Pop-Culture.

What is Tanner Zagarino Height? How Tall Is He? Learn About His Measurements

Tanner Zagarino Age
American Actor, Model and Writer Tanner Zagarino

Tanner Zagarino is rising at the height of his career. But the roots of his upbringing are always connected with his acting legends’ parents. So, check out the article below to learn about the actor’s life before shining in the industry. Learn about his age and birthday details.

Know More About Tanner Zagarino

What is Tanner Zagarino Age as of 2022?

Tanner Zagarino came to this beautiful world on the 19th of October, 1998. Born as the son of Frank Zagarino and momma Elizabeth Giordano, Tanner grew up in a high-class family with all the facilities available for him. He strongly bonds with his elder brother Frank Zagarino Jr. and a younger half-brother, Colton.

Tanner Zagarino Age
Tanner Zagarino is a Handsome Young Man at 20s

As of 2022, Tanner Zagarino Age is 23 years old, an American national with a race belonging to Caucasian. Furthermore, the actor went to Mattituck High School and graduated with the title of All-region Wrestler. Even though his parents wanted him to be an actor like them, Zagarino decided to explore his skills first.

He then competed in Wrestling and other sports in High School. Furthermore, he enrolled at the University of Pittsburg and won a 170-pound title at North Fork Invitational. Therefore, Tanner finally debuted as an actor in the podcast series Day by Day. Likewise, he has also been featured in the podcast, At the Peak of It All.

Tanner Celebrates his Birthday With His Family!

Commonly Zagarino celebrates each special day with his family. No matter how busy he or his parents are doing their jobs as entertainers, they all come together during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Birthday Celebrations. He moreover found a beautiful girlfriend “Marissa G. Grace” with whom he uploaded a picture mentioning her as his Valentine.

Tanner Zagarino Age
Tanner Zagarino is Dating Marissa Long Grace

Tanner Zagarino is a guy with an attractive personality and talent. Fans know him as a rising actor and a well proficient writer. Meanwhile, he celebrates his birthday every 19th October with his best friends, love and family. Tanner is more of an adventure-loving person and an athlete.  

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