Svetozar Marinkovic was a professional tennis player as well as a Tennis Instructor. After marrying Mike Tyson’s ex-wife Robin Givens, he became a talk-of-the-town person in the limelight media.

Apart from that, a low-key life living Man Svetozar usually kept most of the things hidden from the media. So let’s find out where is he now? Or What is Svetozar Marinkovic Net Worth in 2021?  

Svetozar Marinkovic Net Worth in 2021

The ex-husband of Robin Givens, Svetozar Marinkovic has a Net Worth working as Tennis Instructor is $200K-$300K. Being an Instructor for several years has made him make this significant amount of Fortune for himself.

Even though there is no fixed data available to evaluate his Annual Salary as an Instructor, there are some trusted sources from which we brought some information for you.

As per Zip Recruiter, a Tennis Player got around $3,373 per month and $40,482 annually. Hence, we can finally predict that Svetozar Marinkovic has made a good income and life for himself even after many years of retirement.

Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens 7-Minute Relation

Svetozar Marinkovic was in a relationship with the ex-wife of Mike Tyson, Robin Givens. The pair have engaged on the 22nd of August, 1997. However, it has gone a headline as the most tragically married event ever happened. Svetozar Marinkovic marriage with Robin Givens just broke up after 7 Minutes on the day they married.

Robin Filed a divorce appeal to the court and eventually split out after some months officially. However, according to Forbes, Marinkovic himself accepted that their marriage lasted for seven minutes only.

Besides, Robin Givens, being a successful actress and a model, has gained massive popularity along with earning a beautiful amount of money. She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

What does Svetozar Marinkovic doing in 2021?

After separated from Robin Given, he has walked on a separate way to live his other life. No media, no limelight, no traces were left behind. He became an isolated person.

The ex-husband of Robin Givens does not share any kids with his ex-wife, so it became easy for him to stay isolated from the world. Marinkovic is also not active on any Social Networking Sites, so it is pretty tough to predict his present life, relationship, or other things.

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