Famous for the superhit TV series Unorthodox, fans have a bit different perspective regarding Shira Haas. As we have already covered all her biographies on our previous topic, this is about Shira Haas Height & Weight today. However, we can also talk about Shira’s fame journey despite her struggling history of disability.

Shira Hass is an internationally famous Israeli actress. She took birth on the 11th of May 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her father, Eran Haas, and mother, Ariela Wrubell Haas, raised her, giving best childhood memories. Moreover, Shira also has a sister named Dotan Haas.

All You Want To Know About Shira Haas

Shira Haas Height and Weight
Israeli Actress Shira Haas

Shira Haas vaulted into stardom with her superhit roles in TV series as Ruchama Weiss in Shtisel, Esther Shapiro in Unorthodox, Odi in The Conductor, and Salama in The Exchange Principle. The lady was born healthy but diagnosed with Kidney Cancer at age two. Moreover, Shira had a tough childhood because her growth was stunted because of her degenerative neurological disease.

What is Shira Haas Height and Weight?

Shira Haas never had a normal childhood like any other healthy child. After her birth, her father and mother separated due to personal disputes. However, they agreed to play their parental roles being parents. Shira was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer at age two, which affected her height and weight.

Shira Haas Height and Weight
Shira Haas With Her Father & Mother

Her growth stopped, and she had to face the trauma a kid at those ages faces. She used to feel as different from normal human kids of her age. With no choice left, Haas’s parents decided to give her chemotherapy treatments to cure her Cancer. Moreover, she recovered from Cancer after two years at age four.

At present, Shira is a healthy and beautiful woman of 27 years. Though she is not married yet, she is engaged to Daniel Moreshet. The Israeli actress has a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Moreover, she weighs around 50 kilograms or 110 lbs.

Even with her complications and not-perfect body, Shira learned to surpass them with her hard work and dedication. As a result, cancer loses against the will of Shira. The Israeli star recovered successfully after two years of severe treatment.

Has Shira Hit By Played Disabled Role?

Fans who know or notice her influential roles in Unorthodox and Shtisel are already aware of her potential. Facing and overcoming being a Cancer patient, she played a challenging role as Vika in the film “Asia.” Furthermore, in the movie, she portrayed a role of a sensitive kid suffering from a neurological disease.

Shira Haas Height and Weight
Shira Haas Played Disabled Role in Unorthodox

After the massive success of Asia, Shira Haas is now confirmed to appear as Sabra in Marvel’s Captain America: New World Order. Haas will play the comic-book character of Sabra, a superpowered mutant. Additionally, there are rumors that directors will make a plot showing Shira’s life struggle during her disability.

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