People will probably recognize this lady from her marital relationship with a well-known Canadian actor, Tim Rozon. However, Linzey Rozon is more than just a celebrity wife who stands on her well-established career as a professional Equestrian.

Born on May 16th, 1985, she pursued her professional career out of the media world as a horse rider. Rozon was born to Catherine Govan and Peter Govan with a very joyful family of five. She shares a lovely bond with her brother James Govan and sister Ashley Govan.

Linzey, aka Lindsay Govan, is a talented and well-trained horse rider carrying her legacy from her parents’ background. Her husband is an actor and co-owner of the restaurant Garde Manger. Though both the husband and wife have a separate profession, Linzey and Tim earn Millions of dollars together which we will know further in this article below.

Inside Linzey Rozon Net Worth as of 2021!

Growing up in a horse-riding family, the Canadian Native started working as a professional Equestrian from an early age. Linzey is very fascinated by horseback riding; results in her being a qualified owner, rider, and teacher.

Belonging from a wealthy family, she does not have to worry about financial problems ever in her life. Needless to say, the equestrian is a millionaire today. Though her exact fortune details are not available in any sources, she must have an estimated Net Worth of $1 Million in July 2021.

Also, a professional equestrian receives a salary of around $56,977 per year in Canada. Gorgeous, Talented, and loyal wife of Tim Rozon, she equally shares a partnership with her husband’s fortune too.

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Linzey Rozon Earnings With Husband Tim Rozon

Tim solely stands at the total Net Worth of around $2.5 Million accumulated from decades as a working professional in the entertainment industry. However, combining Linzey and Tim’s fortune, the family has a total Net Worth of around $3 Million- $4 Million.

Being a professional equestrian in Canada, Mrs. Rozon is popularly known by her husband, Tim Rozon. He is a People’s Choice Award Winner who played several roles in movies and TV series like Instant Star, Schitt’s Creek, Wynonna Earp, and Vagrant Queen.

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