These days passion for modeling and pursuing it as a career indeed is an increasing trend. But keeping herself above the crowd, Spain-based model Dayana Crunk came into fame with her unique gothic style alternative modeling. The gothic modeling comes with a dark theme, with models wearing dark eyeliner and nail polish.

Crunk’s modeling influence gathered her an impressive number of followers on Instagram; made her an Instagram star. So, what’s up with Dayana’s earnings and net worth? How rich is she? Let’s know.

Net Worth of Dayana Crunk In 2021

By the age of 15, Dayana joined Instagram and began modeling, which pushed her focus into alternative modeling (goth-style). Soon, the Ukraine-born teen began gaining popularity and a surge into her Instagram account following. With more than 6 years as a model, Dayana Crunk has an estimated net worth of $500,000 in 2021.

Comparatively, some of the notable alternative models, Yasmin Benoit and late Billi Gordon record net worth of $1 million and $1.4 million, respectively.

Currently, Crunk works from Spain, where the average salary of a model is €2,450 per month, but also can earn as high as €3,700 per month.

As per online sources, a model in the United States can sum up to $51,723 per year on average, while an alternative model gets an annual salary of $75,000. For alternative models with work from home policy, the payroll is $61,000 per annum.

Crunk Earns From Instagram Endorsements Too

While modeling is the key earner for Dayana Crunk, she can get aid in earnings through endorsements as well. Currently, she is the brand ambassador of the apparel line Kill Star and often mentions the brand on her IG posts.

Furthermore, the 22-year-old alternative model gives shoutouts to Eva Hair (wig line), LIME CRIME (beauty product), DevilNightUK (clothing), Koi Footwear, and Dolls Kill (boutique).

As of 2021, Dayana’s Instagram with the handle @dayanacrunk has more than 178K followers. Online sources suggest that she can earn $537 – $896 per sponsored post. In addition to that, she collects a decent sum through her Only Fan account.

Dayana Crunk Lifestyle and Relationship

Dayana Crunk is among the ones who tend to keep their professional career and professional life pretty distanced. From considerable earnings from her modeling, Dayana lives a quality lifestyle. As for her nationality, she is Ukrainian. She dyed her hair grey and has brown eyes.

Born on October 1, 1998, the alternative model is yet to be married. Currently in her early 20s, Dayana Crunk lives with her boyfriend, though didn’t disclose much about her lover. Allegedly, they are dating since teenage; she occasionally shares pictures with her beau on Instagram.

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