People first recognized Claudinette Jean for her Fashion Brands and her company Fusha Designs. Started from nothing to completed more than 20-years in Fusha Designs, her journey of all these years inspires each of the people to know about her.

Claudinette was initially born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She was birthed to a well-established family and shared an equally strong bond with her four brothers and one sister. Montclair State University Graduate in Arts and Fashion Studies, Jean grown-up taking only ambition of making her parents proud. Apart from being a very well-established CEO, founder, and entrepreneur, the talented lady is also making headlines because of her marriage.

She married an Artist, Rapper, and Actor, Wyclef Jean. Though she did not share any kids with her husband, she adopted a child daughter Angelina Claudinelle in 2005. However, focusing on her earnings and luxurious lifestyle, let’s find out Claudinette Jean Net Worth details here.

What is Claudinette Jean Net Worth in 2021?

As of 2021, Claudinette Jean has a soaring Net Worth of $15 Million. Additionally, she makes around $70K- $100K per year and about $6,200 per month as a fashion designer in the United States. However, earnings may vary from time to time.

Despite coming from a wealthy background, Jean also has to face the tough times of her life. She grew to uphold an ambition to become a doctor, but she chooses her field of interest after graduation.

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She lied and went against her parents’ decision about her education and secretly changed her subject from Medical science to Fashion. However, she managed to settle it all down soon, and currently, she is one of the most successful businesswomen and fashion designers in the United States.

Earnings with Husband Wyclef Jean

Claudinette Jean’s husband, Wyclef Jean, owns a prominent actor, musician, and rapper in the American entertainment industry. He has a total fortune of more than $10 Million as of 2021 celebrity net worth.

Hence, combining the earnings and fortune of both soulmates, the couple owns a total wealth of nearly $25 Million. Therefore, we can see that the couple is living a luxurious lifestyle with all the expensive facilities.

Similarly, Claudinette Jean, with her husband and daughter, currently resides in the $1.8 Million Mansion of Wyclef’s in Saddle River, New Jersey, US.

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