Even though we watched so many Cartoon television series and movies, we never cared about the actors working in them. One of the reasons is that the people working as voice artists were not as popular as the real action artist back in the day. They were paid less, and their name and fame in the industry were not that high. Not today. Today we’re going to cherish yet another popular voice actor from the 90s named Wendy Hoopes. Wendy Hoopes Is a popular American voice actor and a media celebrity. 

She is well famous around America for her acting and voice acting roles in several movies and television shows. However, since her discography is rather strange and weird on IMDb and other pages, fans have found it difficult to learn more about the actor. Due to this reason, different questions related to her birth date, birthplace Ann, and her private life remain unanswered. However, we have scattered all over the Internet to learn more about her. So you can Scroll down as we will reveal everything about her life through her biography!

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Quick Facts
Full NameWendy Hoopes
Date of Birth4th of November 1972
BirthplaceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Net worth$1.5 million
Height5 feet and 2 inches
Zodiac SignScorpio
Children1 Son, 2 Daughters
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorDark Brown
Father's nameKeith Holand
Mother's NameMichael Ann Holly
Wendy Hoopes
Wendy Hoopes Via Getty

What is Wendy Hoopes Age?

No, her Obituary is not released because she is still alive and kicking. As of 2022, she is around the age of 49 years old. Wendy Hoopes Was born on the 4th of November 1972 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even though people found it strange, her nationality is Malaysian, and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

While searching through the Internet, we found out that her father’s name is Keith Holand, and her mother’s name is Michael Ann Holly. Other than that, she also has two siblings named Cameron and piper. 

Where did Wendy receive her Education?

Unlike other actors, she studied in a reputed college before joining as a full-time voice artist and actress. Her primary education is concerned; she completed her primary and secondary education at local schools and colleges.

After completing her primary and secondary education, she later moved to Tisch School of Arts to study more about theatre drama. She said in numerous interviews that learning in the theatre drama college has allowed her to upgrade her acting skills.

When did Wendy Hoopes work in Daria?

Wendy started in that popular television series back in the 90s named Daria as Daria’s mother. Along with the main cast, she was featured as the two popular voice actors. Even though the area was her most famous work, she is also popular for acting in Captain America, Max Payne two, and the sitter.

Nevertheless, he is also popular for her roles in Winnipeg, Dunlap II, and Obituary Peoria II. Nevertheless, She was a realtor because she knew how to relate herself to the animated character. Even though she has worked in notable movies, her popular features remain the voices of different types of cartoon characters.

Wendy Hoopes
Wendy Hoopes Back in 2001 Via DariaWiki

Is Wendy Hoopes married?

The media hasn’t heard from her ever since he left the film industry in 2019. We certainly don’t know the reason, but it seems that she left working for films and other creations back in 2019 after working as Poppet. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to track any details about her personal life.

As far as her marriage is concerned, she is married to a banker and has one son and two daughters. Of course, some of these details are based on assumptions. Nevertheless, we think these details will be clarified only when she returns from her long-awaited hiatus.

Is Wendy active on social media?

Wendy used social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter back in 2018. When she was actively working as a full-time actress back in 2018, she used to communicate with her fans. She used to promote her upcoming projects and excite the fans for the next one through her handles. However, since her departure in 2019, she has deleted all her social media accounts.

Wendy Hoopes
Wendy Hoopes in Town House Via Getty

What is Wendy Hoopes Net Worth?

When she left her job back in 2019, she seemed to have taken the real state job instead. After working for over seven years in the film industry, she made a lot of contacts. Among them were some pretty good real state agents who hooked her up with a permanent career.

Even though she now works as a real estate agent, her net worth is mysterious to the public. However, we have collected different resources, and her net worth might be around $1.5 million as of 2022. 

What is Wendy Hoopes Height?

Even though the popular voice actor has not shared most details about herself, we have the exact information about her height. It seems that her height is around 5 feet and two inches, along with her bodyweight being around 58 kg.

She also resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with dark brown eyes and brown hair. Unfortunately, we could not calculate anything regarding her current physical condition due to a lack of information. Finally, her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

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