Today we are here to learn more about Vanya Seager. For those who don’t know, Vanya Seager is a popular nude model famous for her association with Robson Green. Apparently, at some point in her life. It seems that she was married to a famous American actor and producer.

However, their relationship didn’t last as long as they thought it would and ended in great sorrow. Even though the internet knows they have been divorced, people don’t know how it all went down. They also don’t have enough information regarding Vanya Seager’s life. Hence, we decided to take it on ourselves to let you guys know more about the Mysterious life of Vanya Seager.

Quick Facts
NameVanya Seager
Age67yrs old
Date of Birth1955
Place of BirthHongkong, China
RelationshipDivorced to Robson Green
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Net Worth$900k
Vanya Seager
Vanya Seager with her son and ex-husband Via Shutterstock

What is Vanya Seager Age?

It seems she has not revealed any details regarding her birthdate. However, from her IMDb page, we learned that her birth year is 1955. If you see it in a way, it seems that she might be around the age of 67 years at the moment. Vanya Seager was born in Hong Kong, China. Since she was born in China, her nationality is Chinese, and her ethnicity is Asian as well. Due to a lack of information regarding her life, we could not find any information regarding her parents and siblings.

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Where did Vanya receive her education?

As we explained above, it seems that she was born in China and stayed there for a certain period. However, it appears that she moved to the US later in life and started living there. Since we don’t have enough information regarding her academic qualifications, it is tough to guess for current education status. We hope she took her education from a known institute regarding modeling and other purposes.

When did Vanya start working for Page 3?

She had never revealed the life of her modeling age when she was working on Page 3. She claims that Page 3 was not something she was so proud of. Hence, for that and other reasons, she rarely talks about that matter. However, the media shows that he started working as the Page 3 model when she was a teenager. Being part of the nude magazine show at such a young age was a rather traumatic incident that she is not proud of.

Vanya Seager
Vanya Seager with her husband Via

When did Seager get divorced from Robson Green?

As you guys know, Vanya Seager was married to Robson Green for more than 12 years and finally decided to cool off their relationship on the 29th of Oct 2013. Though they specifically don’t know what was the exact reason for their divorce. From what we know, the pictures and her past relationship with Joey Martyn were the reason for their divorce.

No matter the cause, she has two children. One with her ex-lover or husband and the newer one with Robson Green. Currently, she is occasionally seen hanging around with her husband and children. Click on the blue tick to learn about the divorce from the perspective of Robson Green.

Does Vanya Seager use any social media accounts?

Well, she was not a social media person from the start. Hence, she didn’t even put any effort toward opening a social media account, for that matter. As of now, it is visible that she is ancient to open and use a social media account. However, we know that she has her very own Twitter account, even though she is occasionally active on Twitter.

Vanya Seager
Vanya Seager with her husband Via

What is Vanya Seager Net Worth?

Now, we all know that she was a professional model at some point in her life and even made a good amount of cash. However, she never took her modeling career so seriously. Frankly, she even acted in 4 movie projects, one of which was XTRO, where she acted as Paula Phillips. After leaving her acting career back in 1983, he also worked as the assistant to Simon Cowell. Though she has never revealed herself, her net worth would have been around $900k as of 2022.

What is the hair color of Vanya Seager?

Since she is of Asian descent, her hair color is black, followed by dark brown eyes. For her physical appearance, it seems that she is around the height of 5 feet and 8 inches, and her body weight is about 77kgs. Due to a lack of information, we certainly don’t know anything about her health condition.

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