Uma Kompton is proof that the internet can be a difficult and confusing place to navigate at times. People on the internet can anonymously create accounts and share their thoughts in a matter of seconds. Uma Kompton received a lot of attention after her tweets made headlines. The majority of the tweets were extremely offensive and controversial.

Uma Kompton is one of the most famous Internet Trolls. Some of her tweets comparing her appearance to Kylie Jenner irritated Kylie’s fans. She also expressed strong opinions on sensitive topics such as abortion. The tweets from Uma Kompton’s account grew out of control and eventually got her Twitter account suspended. Scroll down the article to know more about her personal life in detail.

Quick Facts
Full NameUma Kompton
Real NameNatalya Ulyanina
Birth DateApril 8, 1988
Birth PlaceRussia
Marital StatusMarried
Net WorthN/A

Uma Kompton
Natalya Ulyanina

What is Uma Komtpon Real Name?

Uma Kompton, a well-known internet troll, is the subject of much debate. Uma Kompton’s online Twitter handle name is not the real name of the person in the account’s photo. It is a fake account. Natalya Ulyanina is the real name of the person in the photograph. Her personal photos were stolen from the popular Russian social networking site VK. Natalya Ulyanina was born on April 8, 1988, in Russia. In addition, her nationality is Russian.

The victim of trolls on the internet Wma is a private person. Her parents’ names have not been disclosed. We also don’t know anything about her siblings and other family members. Her ethnicity is still unknown. Her childhood information is also not publicly available.

Who is Uma Kompton?

Uma Kompton’s Twitter account was very popular at the time due to her offensive tweets. Some people were targeted specifically by its tweets. United Airlines was a popular target of her account’s tweets in which she accused them of poor service. The account also managed to inflame Kylie Jenner’s fanbase by comparing her appearance to her own. The account would always express its controversial views on social issues.

However, the account was fake. Uma Kompton’s real identity remains unknown. Natalya Ulyanina is the woman in the account’s photo who worked for a stretch ceiling company in Moscow. Natalya’s pictures were stolen from her Russian social networking site. Natalya and her family were unaware of this.

Uma Kompton
Uma Kompton tweet

Natalya’s husband responded to the Uma account shortly after the tweets went viral, and Twitter closed the account. Natalya and her family had to endure a great deal of distress as a result of such trolls trolling and being highly offensive on the internet.

Who is Uma Kompton Husband?

We have no information on Uma Kompton’s relationship status due to it being a troll account. However, Natalya Ulyanina has a husband. Her husband’s name is Evgeny Ulyanin. Both couples are known to Russians. Evgeny with the help of Twitter was able to take down Uma Kompton’s account, which had stolen her photos in order to create the account.

What happened to Uma Kompton Twitter?

Uma Kompton’s Twitter account had a sizable following. Twitter later suspended the account following a series of controversial tweets. The troll account violated Twitter’s terms of service, so it was removed. There should be no platform for such internet troll accounts to exploit someone’s identity in order to fulfill their own goal of expressing vulgar opinions without repercussions. It’s strange to see such support for such controversial beliefs, most of which were wrong and immoral.

Uma Kompton
Uma Kompton tweet

Is Uma Kompton on social media?

The popular internet troll Uma Kompton made waves on social media back then. The account made a name for itself by trolling many popular brands and celebrities. However, the Twitter account has been disabled by Twitter after Natalya’s husband reached out for help from Twitter. Natalya Ulyanina’s social media accounts are also currently unknown to us.

Despite this, several online accounts with the name Uma Kompton continue to exist, albeit it is difficult to determine whether these are the accounts of the original troll account. Although Uma Kompton’s Twitter troll account is no longer active, her music can still be available on various fake accounts.

What is Uma Kompton Net Worth?

Uma Kompton’s net worth is unknown because she is a troll account. But according to Payscale average salary of a musician is around $39,390 yearly in the USA. Similarly, she might have an average wage of $15,388 to $100,711. If anything new about these people’s net worth becomes available, we will update this page as soon as possible.

What does Uma Kompton look like?

Uma Kompton might have an average height. Her actual measurements are not available as of now. In addition, the image available on Uma Kompton’s account is Natalya Ulyanina. Natalya’s eyes are grey in color. Her hair is brown in color. She has a slim build. We don’t have any other information about her height, weight, or body proportions because it’s very private information.

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