Turlough Convery is an Irish actor. He is known for his good work on different American series and movies. One of his few amazing works is Ready Player One, where he played Chief Oology Expert. Even though the 38-year-old Irish actor has not played any major roles in the movie industry, Turlough has given his role the very best from his side and said that he cherishes every moment he has on the stage.

Turlough is a very private person. He has not shared any huge information about himself, maybe because he is not that famous, but we have gathered as much information about him on the internet. So, please scroll down to get to know him better as part of his biography.

Quick Facts
Full nameTurlough Convery
BirthdateOctober 17, 1985
Age38 Years
Net Worth$500,000
Turlough Convery
Turlough Convery in Killing Eve Via. Instagram

Where is Turlough Convery from?

Convery was born in Northern Ireland. So it might not seem as if he has an Irish accent, but sometimes he speaks in Irish accents on the screen. Moreover, it seems Turlough improvised for it, or maybe it could be a mistake, but yes, he does use his Irish accent once in a while. So if you meet him, we are sure he will greet you warmly with his very Irish accent.

What is Turlough Age?

Turlough Convery’s birthdate is October 17, 1985. Even though there is no fixed birthdate, he has not revealed himself. However, according to his age, it’s 1985.

What is Convery Education?

The 36-year-old actor attended Rockport School in Hollywood, USA, where he studied and excelled in drama. Little Turlough has always wanted to become an actor since childhood. So, he chose his study location to be America’s so-called “Dream Factory” in Hollywood. He also finished his sixth form at “Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College” in Belfast and received some drama prizes.

He has not yet finished his education. Turlough became so dedicated to acting that he even trained in musical theater at the Guildford School of Acting. He also won the 2013 Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer Award. In several interviews, Turlough has conveyed his love for acting and how much he loves theater dramas.

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How did Turlough start his Career?

Convery has always been quite popular since his college days. His exceptional talent led him to work for the Fresh Meat TV series in 2013, where he worked as Diarmuid in episodes 3 and 4. Just after his first series, he acted in two different television series. He is also part of My Mad Fat Diary as Liam. The television series allowed Turlough to be more expressive on the screen, which was something loved by the fans.

Turlough Convery
Turlough Convery and his spouse’s Wedding pictures Via. Instagram

After My Mad Fat Diary, he did the movie Mind Gamers, playing Rollo. Then, after a total of 6 movies and series combined, he went on to make his most famous movie, Ready Player One. After that, he played the Chief Oology Expert. He even played Tom Harry in Poldark. We can also see him in the 2019 British psychological horror film Saint Maud.

Is Turlough Convery Married?

Certainly, any information about his past girlfriends is not available, but Turlough Convery is married to the love of his life. Even though the spouse’s name is not revealed, both couples live their best lives as husband and wife. We don’t know when the actual wedding happened, but it has been proven that he is married.

Moreover, we can see the couple posting about them in their Instagram posts. You can even see their adorable wedding attire and how proud Turlough Convery is. Judging by the posts, it can be assumed that they were married in 2018. He posted how he met his spouse ten years ago and how she changed her life. He has been married for over 3–4 years now and still loves her every day.

Turlough Convery
Turlough Convery and his dog Via. Instagram

Is Turlough Instagram Active?

Convery does have an Instagram account with the username @turlough_convery. He also uses Twitter with the username @TurloughConvery. If you want to follow him and his regular uploads, we suggest following his Twitter.

What is Turlough Net Worth?

Even though Turlough Convery’s net worth is not mentioned publicly, on average, he makes around $500,000 as his estimated income. But, of course, this still depends on his role and the popularity of the show/movie.

What is Turlough Convery Height?

Turlough is 5 feet and 11 inches high and weighs around 86 kg (recorded during his last movie). Turlough has outgrown his body to an obese type. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

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