If you love watching American Football, you must be familiar with Trey Wingo. He is a host for popular programs and lives shows on ESPN. Trey is famous and has made a massive contribution to the sport, not as a player but as a host. He has worked as a host for more than three decades.

Trey got his degree in mass media and communication and has quite a close connection with journalism, as his father was from the same field. Trey has remarkable work, as many audiences are connected to him. Moreover, he is an inspiration to many young generations. Scroll down and read the full article.

Quick Facts
Full NameTrey Wingo
Age 59 years
Date Of BirthSeptember 19, 1963
ParentsHal Wingo Jr.
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseJanice Parmelee
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight78 kg
Net Worth$5 M
Trey Wingo
Journalist Trey Wingo

What is Trey Wingo Age?

Trey Wingo brought happiness for the first time to his family when he was born on September 19, 1963. According to his birthday, his age is 59 years. Trey landed his early steps in Oklahoma, U.S.A. His father’s name is Hal Wingo Jr. Hal was the founding editor of the famous magazine People. Unfortunately, there is no information about his mother.

Trey got his early education from Greenwich High School and later went to Baylor University to graduate in Mass Media and Communication. He has been a bright kid since his childhood. Moreover, he was good at his studies and got excellent grades. So this led him to have academic success. He has American nationality and caucasian ethnicity.

How did Trey build his career?

First of all, Trey has worked very hard during his school days and has had a successful academic career. Later after his graduation in mass media, he wanted to establish himself to have a vital job. So, in his early days, he worked as a co-host in a radio program named ESPN Golic and Wingo.

Similarly, he has co-hosted Sports Center, N.F.L. Live, e.t.c. Later, he gained more popularity, and his voice was used for the video game ‘ ESPN NFL 2K5’. Moreover, he has been in many campaigns related to luxury sports collections. So, with all his achievements, he has made his career.

Trey Wingo
American Live commentator Trey

What happened to Trey Wingo On ESPN?

Trey has contributed to ESPN for a while as he has hosted many programs. Due to his presence on the talk shows, people love to watch them. Trey was under the contract for nearly two decades. Later, his contract with ESPN ended in late 2020. Unfortunately, his contract was not renewed, which led him to leave the show. Audiences became emotional after this incident, and he is not seen in the show again.

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Where is Trey Wingo Now?

After working for nearly two decades for ESPN, Trey has to leave and look for new opportunities. So, on March 13, 2021, Pro Football Network (P.F.N.) officially announced that Trey was appointed brand ambassador and content provider to the company. He is a host and runs a podcast called More than Football: A Trey Wingo Podcast,  which is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Who is Trey Wingo Wife?

Janice Parmelee is the beloved wife of Trey Wingo. Both the couple met and started dating. Later, being together for some time, they found they were compatible. Finally, they decided to get married. So, on November 1, 1987, they tied the knot and promised to share their grief and happiness. Since then, they have been together, and there have been no rumors of separation or divorce.

Do they have kids together?

Trey and Wingo both share the responsibility of rearing two beautiful kids. They have a son Chappy Wingo and a daughter Chelsea. His son Chappy is a good football player and has set records even when playing at school. Unfortunately, her daughter Chelsea has a learning disability, but she has been to work for movies and T.V. shows. Moreover, she has credit for being a visual effects production assistant for the movie Suicide Squad.

Is Trey Available On Instagram?

Trey Wingo is on Instagram as @trey.wingo. He has nearly 58K followers on his Instagram and is verified by Instagram. Mainly, he uploads clips from his show as a video and reels on Instagram. Also, he has mentioned many players’ achievements, like Carson Wentz, through his Twitter which got a lot of appreciation. He has never been into any controversies and rumors to date.

How Much Is Trey Wingo Net Worth?

Trey, a public figure, has nearly $ 5 M net worth. He is paid a good salary for many live shows and programs. Also, he is an entrepreneur. Trey makes considerable profits in stocks, real estate, and cryptos. He owns his apartment in New York, U.S.A., and luxury supercars.

Trey Wingo
ESPN reporter Trey

What is Trey Wingo height?

Trey is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 78 kg. He has a fair complexion. Trey has black hair color and a receding hairline. Moreover, he has got fabulous looks and a charming personality. He stands out broad in the crowd as he is a host. Trey has evenly distributed teeth that make his smile look good.

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