Tracy Kristoferson is non-other than the celebrity kid of a famous father, Kris Kristofferson. She used to introduce herself as an actress and producer who has been credited for some of her projects like Night of the Cyclone, A Pace to Grow, and Trouble in Mind. Tracy always worked hard to stand out from her father’s shadow and birth in a wealthy and renowned family.

 Tracy has collab successfully and established herself as an associate producer in 1995 from Pharoah’s Army’s movie with Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, and Richard Tyson. You might be interested to know about her personal life and career achievement, but before that, let’s begin with some quick facts below.

Quick Facts
NameTracy Kristofferson
Birth11th of February 1961
FatherKris Kristofferson
MotherFrances Mavia Beer
Total Siblings7
Ex-HusbandRichard Tyson
Number of Kids1
Height5 feet 8 inch (Approx)
Net Worth$1 Million

Early Age

Tracy Kristoferson was born on the 11th of February 1961 in Texas to a father, Kris Kristofferson, and mother, Frances Mavia Beer. She was born to her father’s first wife as a first child. However, she has to face family problems as her parents signed a divorce on the 15th of August 1973, when Tracy was just 12 years old.

Furthermore, she grew up alongside her younger brother, Kris Kristofferson Jr., in Palo Alto, California, USA. Tracy’s father Kris has married three times in his life, as a result, Tracy shared her sibling bond with seven other brothers and sisters.

She has one-half sibling sister, Casey Kristofferson, born in 1974 when her father married Rita Coolidge. He then married for the third time Lisa Meyers and shared five children with her. Kris named them Jesse Turner, Jody Ray, and Johnny Kristofferson.


Tracy took half of the education from Texas and half from California. After completing her primary and high school education, the lady enrolled a Stanford University. However, she also had a motorcycle accident when she was in university with a fellow student Eric Heiden.


Even though Tracy has not that interesting childhood memories with her parents’ other family members, she is always looked after by her father, Kris. As a responsible father, Kris took care of his daughter and supported her when she joined Hollywood in her initial days.

However, she has always been compared to her father as Kris Kristofferson’s eldest daughter. But Tracy came up with her style, debuting from the role of Tammy Regis in 1985 in the film ‘Trouble in Mind.’ After her first successful debut, she received another chance for a guest appearance in “Night of the Cyclone’ in 1990.

Working on her two Hollywood projects, she established her name in the industry and appeared in movies like ‘Aces: Three of a Kind’ and ‘A Place to Grow.’ Later on, Tracy became an associate producer and contributed to the 1995s film ‘Pharoah’s Army.

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Relationship Status

Daughter of Kris Kristofferson, Tracy Kristofferson is currently single and not dating anyone. However, she earlier had married an actor, producer, and director in Hollywood, Richard Tyson. He has some lists of hits in the industry, including The Perfect Weapon, Boonville Redemption, Hardball, and many more.

As per the information known, the pair has dated each other for a long-time before exchanging their wedding vows. However, there is no information on their exact marital dates because of Tracy’s secretive nature.

Shared a Child before their Divorce

Tracy and Tyson have stayed together for more than a decade, living a delightful life. Likewise, Tracy gave birth to their first and only child, Maggie Lee Tyson, from their marital duration. The pair also did not reveal her date of birth, but she might be in her teenage now.

After sharing only child, the pair then decided to live their life separately, spending different lifestyles. Tracy and Richard announced their divorce in 2016, which became finalized in 2017. However, after their divorce, Tracy received her daughter’s custody. While Richard Tyson has a supporting role in looking after them financially.

Net Worth

Tracy Kristofferson has an estimated Net Worth of more than $1 Million as of 2021, published by several online media. Likewise, her father, Kris Kristofferson, has a total fortune of $160 Million and her ex-husband Richard Tyson has $3 Million of accurate Net Worth. In addition, Tracy earns more than $80,000 annually by contributing to different projects and movies as an actress and producer.

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