Tom Stoltman is a Strongman competitor. He has finished tied for fifth in 2019 and World’s Strongest Man final with four-time champion Brian Shaw. In 2020, World’s Strongest Man competition was in Bradenton, Florida. After that, he went to finish 2nd, winning three of the six events in the final. He has very impressive records of being a strongman, and also Tom has set records in Gym, Powerlifting, and strongman.

Tom Stoltman entered into the strongman competition in 2015. He is famous for his work and for being a younger brother of five times Scotland’s Strongest Man, Luke Stoltman. Both of the Stoltman brothers have the gene to be a strongman. Also, the elder brother has won the title five times, and the younger brother has won the title for 2nd time.

Quick Info
Birth Date30 May 1994
Birth PlaceInvergordon, Scotland
Height6' 8"
Weight174 kg
WifeSinead Stoltman
BrotherLuke Stoltman
Zodiac SignGemini

Early Age

He is born on 30th May 1994 in Scotland. At an early age, he was fond of exercise and fitness. His life went by seeing his elder brother train in the gym. It motivated him to involve in the gym and practice weight lifting. However, because of his autism, he was insulted by his friends in primary school.

However, secondary school was not bad for him because he shared his feelings with his friends and teacher. His brother Luke says that Tom was always fascinated by his workout routine and methods. Moreover, he used to involve in Gym activities with his brother. Nevertheless, Tom, too, fell in the footstep of his elder brother.

Career and Atlas Stone Record

Tom is qualified for strongman from 2015 to 2020. He won the title of strongman in 2018, and in 2019 Scotland’s Strongest Man. Moreover, he was also qualified for Britain’s Strongest Man, Uk’s Strongest Man, Giants Live, World’s Ultimate Strongman, Europe’s Strongest Man, and World’s Strongest Man.

His very impressive, being a strongman. Also, he is a younger brother of 5 times the winner of Scotland’s Strongest Man. It must be proud moments for the Stoltman brothers to have massive success. In 2020, May 3rd, he set the world record 286kg/630lbs Atlas Stone over a bar on a live stream.

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Personal Life

He has an elder brother, who is also a strongman. They both happen to grow up together. However, the initial life of Tom wasn’t that easy. He had a hard time getting things because of his autism. It made him difficult to socially engaged with people.

However, when he started to go to the gym and work out. It completely changed his life. He felt like he was a completely different person. He could have been in a dark place if he was not involved in strongman. All of it might sound weird to us, but the fact is. Tom was in a dark place before he was a strongman.


Before, he was a strongman and going to the gym. Tom was a shy kid and hardly talked with people. So we assumed he did not have any girlfriend at that time. But recently, Tom is frank and very social and vocal about him. His past relationship is unknown.

Besides, he is married now. His wife’s name is Sinead Stoltman, and his elder brother’s wife’s name is Kushi Stoltman. So both of the brothers are in their married life.

Tom Stoltman Net Worth

Most of his wealth comes from his career as a strongman. However, his net worth is growing significantly in 2019 and 2020. His net worth is around $2.44 million. His income is exponentially rising, and by the end of 2021, it might reach up to $8 Million.

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Physical Appearance

Tom Stoltman’s height is about 6′ 8″ tall, and his weight is about 174 kg. He is physically taller and weighs more than his brother Luke Stoltman. Tom is huge and works on his body constantly. He likes to keep a beard, not a big fan of clean shaved.

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