Whether we like it or not, TikTok has hugely affected pop culture and consumption in recent years. It has taken many common folks and propelled them to stardom. Taylor Skeens, one such Social Media personality who found her fame primarily from TikTok.

The 28-year-old Taylor Skeens has now found sizeable followership beyond TikTok. She has a popular YouTube channel where she posts vlogs frequently. Today we will look closely into her life and try to answer most of the web’s burning questions about her.

Quick Facts
NameMorgan Taylor Branham
Birthdate31st August 1993
ParentsBrenda Blankenship and Shell Scott Mcclanahan.
SiblingsHolly Branhan and Chastity Branhan
Ex husbandGregory
Relationship StatusIn relationship with Jesse Orion
Net Worth$300,000

Early Age

The charming social media star was born on 31st August 1993 in the Southern US state of Virginia. She is the middle child of mother Brenda Blankenship and father Shell Scott Mcclanahan. Taylor has credited her younger sister Holly Branham for encouraging her to get on social media.

Taylor Skeens grew up in the small town of Hurley in Buchanan County, Virginia. She said she grew up in an abusive environment on various vlogs she posted on her YouTube channel. She has two sisters: Chastity and Holly, both of whom are near and dear to her.


Taylor attended Grundy High School as a kid. Due to her lean figure and awkward behavior, she was bullied and suspended briefly in school. In 2014, she enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Business Management under King University, Tennessee.


Taylor’s social media career is very well documented, mostly because of her vlogs. She joined Facebook in 2010 during her high school days. But, she would catch the path of becoming a star when she joined Twitter in 2011.

She discovered the app Musical.ly through Twitter. Initially, she hated it but then gradually got more interested. It is in Musical.ly that she would find her huge follower-ship.

After the app was bought and merged into TikTok, she too shifted to there. Her huge fanbase of TikTok helped her transfer into other social media like Instagram and YouTube.

Fame From YouTube

Taylor tried to replicate her success on the video app Musical.ly to YouTube in 2013. The first video, however, was uploaded only as early as 2015. Gradually, she has found massive success on YouTube too and now has two channels.

The main Channel named “Taylor Skeens” is just 1,000 shy of having a million subscribers. She posts fun and light-hearted content on it. Most of her popular videos garner views of well over a million.

But, her second channel, “Taylor Skeens Vlogs,” was more endearing. She used to post small vlogs about her daily life, small trips to her apartments, and wholesome content. Sadly, that channel seems to be less active as the last video she posted was around 5 years ago.

Fame From TikTok

TikTok is where Taylor has seen the most popularity. She has a huge following of 2.2 Million and 74.4 million likes. Many of her videos cross the 500k views mark, and some even have crossed a million views. The popularity of TikTok has helped her get brand endorsements.

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Personal Life

Perhaps the most important event of Taylor’s life and the event that made her the person she is today. Taylor Skeens married on May 16th, 2015, at the age of 22. She married her then-boyfriend named Gregory.

Sadly, that marriage didn’t last long enough, and she has publicly spoken about it in her vlogs. Her husband and in-laws were controlling and not too supportive of her then-budding career. In addition, Gregory was in the army, and their marriage didn’t just work out.

Present Relationship

She then dated Albuquerque native Angel Flores. He was seen many times in her vlogs. They seemed to have excellent chemistry, but sadly they broke up. In her recent vlog posted 4 months ago, Taylor said that she and Angel weren’t getting enough time to spend together due to her travels. Thus, they have to go separate ways.

Since March of 2021, she has been dating Jesse Orion. The couple seems quite happy together. Jesse also lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Social Media

Taylor is very active on Social Media, of course. She has an Instagram account, @bright.eyesss, with 167k followers. Her TikTok is also massively famous with 2.2 million followers and is under the same name, bright eyes.

It is her YouTube that brought her the most consistent fame. As of today, she has 999k YouTube subscribers on her main channel. Her videos continuously perform well and regularly get above 100k views.

Net Worth

The model has earned huge fame from her social accounting sites. However, not only she has earned her name, but Tayor has also made a beautiful amount of money.

Earnings from YouTube

YouTube pays according to views and active subscriber engagement. She is near 1 million followers. On average, she would earn $60,000 per year with that much followership.

But YouTube also pays through ads. Typically a 500k views video with ads would make around $10k. Her most successful videos make upwards of that.

Earnings from Instagram and TikTok

Instagram does pay per post only to endorsed artists. However, Taylor is seen actively promoting lingerie from brands like Lingerie Intimate, for which she makes thousands of dollars per post.

Her huge following certainly has brought her fame and fortune. We estimate her to have a net worth of $300,000. This might rocket up as she has revealed that we might get to see her on Netflix soon.

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