Oliver Masucci

One of the benefits of having your face look like someone’s is that you can easily mimic their character. Similarly, today, we will talk about a celebrity who portrayed none other than Adolph Hitler in his features. Oliver Masucci is a popular German actor who became famous for his works in Look who’s back and […]

Kai Wiesinger

Kai Wiesinger is one of the most versatile personalities born and raised in Germany. He is worldwide recognized for being one of the high-demanded actors, writers, and producers. Fans have showered their love to his superhits like The Glory Is Gone, Backbeat, Sarah Kohr, The Last Execution, and Little Sharks. Moreover, Kai Wiesinger has also […]

Nico Liersch

Nico Liersch is a german actor and Hollywood media celebrity. He is known for his childhood works and film features. Nico Liersch was a popular child actor featured in popular movies and television series of 2012 and 2013. He is also well known for being the celebrity friend of different co-stars around his age. Though […]

Eugen Bauder

Eugen Bauder is a German model and actor. He initially began his career in the entertainment industry from a modeling career. This actor received fame and came into the spotlight from his modeling career. Eventually, he then made his debut on the silver screen. His debut film is the adventure-comedy film ‘Türkisch für Anfänger’ in […]

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