Hali’a Beamer

Hali’a Beamer, an American famous Social Media icon who mainly gained recognition from the Musical.ly app creating lip-sync videos. She matched her beautiful face with some random popular songs in lip-sync. Musical.ly has further been acquired by TikTok and has become one of the leading social Platforms for creative people. Hali’a Beamer has a supporting […]

Qias Omar

Qias Omar is a social influencer, most famous for his YouTube channels. He has many followers across his channels, with his video blogs alone gathering millions of subscribers. Similarly, Omar is renowned on Twitter and Instagram, where he has a large number of supporters. Omar is additionally a business person and sells apparel and other […]

Suzy Berhow

Suzy Berhow is a well-known gamer, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She began her career on YouTube as a make-up guru. However, her interest gradually inclined towards gaming. Suzy is mainly recognized by her online name “Mortem3r.” She has around 5million subscribers on her other channel, “Game Grumps.” Suzy shares a romantic bond with Arin. […]

Kennedy Cymone

People first recognized Kennedy Cymone as an American YouTuber and Fashion blogger. But she is also a prominent beauty expert and entrepreneur who is the owner of her YouTube channel and the KCK collection. Kennedy’s KCK collection is a store where one can buy the best beauty products advertised initially and used by Kennedy herself. Besides her […]

Scarlett Leithold

Scarlett Rose Leithold, known initially as Scarlett Leithold, is a trendy American model and Social Media Influencer. She is famous because of her sexy and bold Instagram pictures spread all over the internet. However, she mainly grabbed public attention when renowned singer Justin Bieber posted a photo from her IG account. Nevertheless, Rose has a […]

Antje Utgaard

Antje Utgaard is a renowned Television actress, model, and a significant Social Media influencer by her profession. She was initially known for her bold and sexy body on her Instagram profile. However, Antje made her name appearing in several movies and TV shows like ‘Mob Town,’ ‘Sequences,’ ‘The Richy Show’ and many more. Even though […]

Trinity Morisette

TikTok has taken over social media and has given a lot of people a platform to showcase their talents. Among those people is the star Trinity Morisette, who is popular among more than 3.9 million people through her dance videos. Trinity Morisette is a professional social media influencer and a tiktok star from the United […]