Yung Blasian

In this 21st century, every single teenager and young adult wants to have a good social media profile and flex every other thing that they are proud of in their life. Here we have one of our famous social media influencers Yung Blasian. She is a successful Instagram model and promotes different brands. Yung is […]

Khia Lopez

With the introduction of social media platforms like Instagram, ones with eagerness in modeling won’t have to rely on agents or modeling agencies. Khia Lopez, an American teen model landed into modeling prominence at the age of 10 through Instagram. Since then, she has worked with many brands, notably as a fashion model for The […]

Elina Karimova

Elina Karimova, a name that is very common and well-known to people nowadays. She is a growing American sensation who rose to popularity because of her social media presence like Instagram and TikTok. Elina was like an ordinary person who downloaded the widespread app Instagram app but got viral over the night because of her […]

Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

Born with a silver spoon Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, an American model, and Instagram influencer is the daughter (first-born) of a now-divorced celebrity couple: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Along with an alluring persona, Phillippe is blessed with an artist talent too. Ava, who strikingly resembles her mother during her young age, grew up in a […]

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