Tramell Tillman

If you love watching the American T.V. series Severance, you might be familiar with the name Tramell Tillman. Tramell is an African-American who has worked in many American T.V. series other than Severance like Difficult people, Hunters e.t.c. He began his acting career at the early age of 10. Tramell Tillman has also good academic […]

Sinqua Walls

Today we will discuss a prominent African American actor named Sinqua Walls. Sinqua Walls is well known American actor who is renowned across all platforms of the internet as Malik from Shark Night. He is also one of those few casts to make it in the Teen wolf television series. Though his discography is the […]

Lonnie Chavis

Child or teen actors are the well-known actors of our modern Cinema phenomena. Not only do they show the younger side of what is to be the next Hollywood cinema industry. Their youthfulness also helps in a better way of generating a good character image that they’re portraying. In talking about the young actors today, […]

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