Today, we can talk more about the family who has been in the industry for a long time. Not only have they given us one of the magical creations of the industry. They are also responsible for the major hits in our 90s era. In our coverage today, we will talk about none other than Shelby Blackstock. Shelby Blackstock, It’s a popular American racecar driver. He became popular due to his association with his mother and her ex-husband.

If you guys don’t know, his mother, Reba McEntire, is a popular country music singer, whereas his father, Narvel Blackstock, is a successful businessman. Even though he is popular on the Internet, he has his biography written on Wikipedia writers. We decided to collect all the information regarding his family and others to create a fruitful biography. Hence, you will learn more about him through his life from his biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameShelby Blackstock
Date of Birth23rd of February 1990
BirthplaceNashville, TN, United States
RelationshipMarried to Marissa Branch
Net worth$3 million
Height5 feet and 10 inches
Zodiac SignPiesces
SiblingsBrandon, Chassidy and Shawna Rene Blackstock
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorDark Brown
Father's nameReba Macintyre
Mother's NameNarvel Blackstock

Shelby Blackstock

Is Shelby Blackstock Reba’s Biological son? 

Yes, Shelby Blackstock is Reba’s only biological son. There were rumours regarding Shelby Being the product of Reba’s past relationships. However, he is indeed the biological son of his mother. As of 2022, he is around the age of 32 years old. Shelby Was born on the 23rd of February 1990 in Nashville, TN, United States. Born in a family of successful people, he continued his journey by becoming an American racecar driver.

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Even though he started racing back in 1999, he continues racing through different piston cups and other race-related activities. Growing up, he held the American Nationality card, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. He is the son of mother Reba and his father, Narvel. Other than that, he has three siblings named Brandon, Chassidy and Shawna Rene Blackstock. 

Where did Shelby receive his education? 

As far as his primary education is concerned, he’s received his primary and secondary education from his local school and colleges. He went to a reputed College in America to study more for his bachelor’s degree. He went to Bob Bondurant School during his college days to learn more about racing.

Since he had a passion for racing from a young age, his parents supported his decision. Later on, after finishing Bob Bondurant’s race school, he finally dropped out of college and pursued racing for his full time. 

Was Shelby Blackstock married to Kelly Clarkson? 

Since he carries his last name as Blackstock, many people often connect him with Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson previously had an affair with his brother Brandon. They were a really good couple, and they even decided to marry. However, due to some complications, they didn’t end up dying there not. They separated to no longer be together.

Since Shelby’s name was famous with Kelly Clarkson back in the day, people thought that Kelly Clarkson was his ex-wife. The popular race car driver was even accused of being gay. Hence, there was no way he was connected to clear Clarkson in any matter.

Shelby Blackstock
Shelby Blackstock kissing his wife Via Getty

Who is Shelby Blackstock married to? 

Our popular racecar driver was previously accused of being gay due to his controversial behaviour with his friends. That particular rumour floated around the Internet for over two years before he had to address it finally. However, that controversy was wrong as he got into a Marriage relationship with Marissa Branch in 2022.

The couple recently got into a marriage relationship in 2022 after three years of their relationship. Even though they got into a marriage relationship at the beginning of 2022, they plan for their child soon. Hence, it is maybe the time when we see the junior shall be on the way. 

Was Shelby Blackstock engaged update on his Instagram? 

Like any popular media celebrity, he also loves to use social media to promote himself and his career. If you go through his Instagram, you can find several pictures of him racing and promoting his racing campaigns. He has revealed that he works for none other than NASCAR, which stands for National Association for Stock Car auto racing.

Hence, just like that, he also promoted his wedding through his Instagram. He revealed How much he spent to make his wedding as luxurious as possible through his Instagram. If you want to learn more about his Instagram, you can always follow him under the username @shelby. Blackstock.

Shelby Blackstock
Shelby Blackstock family picture Via Instagram

What is Shelby Blackstock Net worth? 

Other than being a successful racecar driver and also a loved husband. It seems that he also has several business ventures under his name. As far as we know, he is the owner of two business ventures whose names are not disclosed yet since he is already an all-rounder American race driver.

He still makes a pretty decent income out of it. If we calculate his income sources and average them, his net worth might be around $3 million as of 2022. He earns his money through different racing campaigns and also through different interviews. 

What is Blackstock Height? 

The son of Mcentire Blackstock is a tall individual. If we have to put it down in numbers, it seems that his height is around 5 feet and 10 inches, along with his bodyweight being around 72 kilograms. He resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with dark brown eyes and brown hair.

As of 2022, he is not suffering from major health complications and is completely healthy. Finally, after calculating his Zodiac sign from his date of birth, we found out that his Zodiac sign is pieces. 

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