Fans recognized the universal star YouTuber Robert Terkla from his LunkersTV YouTube channel. However, it is not so surprising for a person who has become the heartthrob of many people from his channel, having 1.95 Million Subscribers.

Before stepping into YouTube, the man served the US Military but unwillingly left the membership for several health issues. Robert Terkla is one of the wealthiest YouTubers of this century, born and raised in Texas City on 6 September 1989.

On LunkersTV, Terkla comprises videos related to hunting and fishing. Fans often also called him ‘Fisherman of LunkersTV’ for fun. From the Content promoting instructions, footage, and fishing tips, the man has garnered millions of views on his videos. Let’s learn about Robert Terkla Net Worth and accumulated fortunes here.

What is the Net Worth of Robert Terkla in 2021?

Robert Terkla earns every penny from his YouTube Career. As of August 2021, his Net Worth is calculated at around $2 Million, making him one of the wealthiest YouTubers of this Century. However, as per some media and relevant sources, Robert’s income increases consistently, which ultimately affects his net worth.

The secret behind his income is his gaming Company, UMG Media; his Publication, ‘Never Fear Anything: My Untold Story As a Sniper in Our Nation’s Longest War,’ and lots of sponsorship on his social media accounts.

In addition that, Robert makes thousands of dollars from his YouTube channel “LunkersTV,” where he has gained 1.95 million subscribers. On top of that, the track has more than 199 Million views in total. As a result, considering the length of his videos, location of the viewers, and public interests, Robert receives around $400 Thousand from YouTube ads and views on his channel.

Apart from this, he also has an Instagram account ‘@lunkerstv’ having 722K followers. He gets lots of sponsorship where he receives thousands of dollars. And also from paid IG posts of an average amount of $4.50 per post. Moreover, Robert has made a lot of fame and stands in a remarkable position of publicity who turns his contents into a money showering machine. Besides, he has recently joined Prominent MLF Pros.

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Lives a Luxurious Life in Texas

The millionaire LunkersTV owner spends a luxurious life on the million-dollar house he bought in 2019 in Texas. He made his home public by making a detailed video on his other YouTube channel, @The Real Americans. Though Robert did not reveal the price, looking at the luxuriousness and facilities of his house, it indeed not costs him less than a million.

Mr. LunkersTV recently bought a Ranch car in 2019. He explains on his YouTube vlogs about his struggles and the effort her puts to buy that Ranch. Currently, he, alongside his wife Sarah and Six-year-old daughter Avery Terkla resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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