Oftentimes the divorce issues are one of the highlighted topics in the celebrity world; many are results of infidelity. An American-born former flight attendant June Baranco, who is the ex-wife of TV journalist and sportscaster Bryant Gumbel, saw her relationship dragged through the same path of an extra-marital affair.

Baranco and Gumbel, the two parents, were in a marital relationship for more than 27 years before they divorced in 2001. Ever after their bitter split, the former’s couple relationship talks never get off the hype. June claimed that Bryant let her and her kids live a broke life even though Today’s host was earning millions, while the latter denied those. So let’s dig in further about June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel married life and the reason for the divorce of the couple.

Why Did June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel Divorce?

Without the commitment and effort of both parties, the relationship never gets a firm stand. So, even nearly after 3 decades of marriage, June Baranco’s relationship with Bryant Gumbel knocked the doors of the courthouse to legally part ways.

While Gumbel remained mum about details on his divorce, June’s interview with NY Post in March 2000, suggested the extramarital affair as the reason. Elaborating on her relationship with Bryant, she stated that the TV host deceived her and her then-teen kids with lovelies while he committed adultery.

As per Baranco, during the infancy of their marriage, she found out about affair of Gumbel, though he always denied it. But it even continued after they bore 2 children. Assuming it’s her job as a Delta flight attendant that limited their connection, she quit the job and became a “doting, stay-at-home mom.”

However, every promise shattered into pieces. but June stayed put citing her religious convictions of the wedding vows. In 1995, she reportedly threatened Bryant to leave him, rather it smoothed things for the Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel host.

As June Baranco recalls, she and Gumbel lastly lived under the same roof on June 28, 1997. Ever since Bryant has been with his blond girlfriend (now second wife) Hilary Quinlan. Although Bryant never denied the claims of repeated adultery, he never badmouthed his wife either or gave any explanation.

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Relationship Update After Divorce

Since their divorce, June remains a single mother. As reported, she is yet to come up with a dating story or has any other relationships besides her ex-husband Bryant. The former celebrity spouse admitted that she ‘stays home with her kids in her Westchester home.

On the other, following a year of divorce, Gumbel married his second wife. She is none other than Hilary Quinlan, a former Goldman Sachs analyst turned model.

They exchanged vows on August 24, 2002, at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Currently, they reside in a shared Manhattan apartment worth over $3 million.

Married Life and Children With Ex-Husband Bryant Gumbel

Sources report that she and Gumbel met back in 1968/69 in Chicago, where both of them had relatives. It was the summer between high school and college; June was in her teens, around 16/17 at that time.

Their relationship began after they got in a friend circle as her friend was dating Bryant’s brother Greg Gumbel. After dating for a few years, the duo married on December 1, 1973, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Together, the duo became parents to 2 children. First, they welcomed son Bradley on January 1, 1979, and then daughter Jillian in 1983. Both of them are grown-ups now.

Her daughter Jillian, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, is the mother of two sons with her husband; William Russell Robins (married since 2011). June and Bryant filed for divorce in 2000, which finalized on August 21, 2001.

Financial Difficulties To June Baranco

As the now-former couple (June-Bryant) were approaching their divorce, Baranco went through serious financial difficulties. Reportedly, her credit cards were canceled and without a proper income, it was tough to make the month’s end.

And Bryant was then making $600,000 per month as the co-host of CBS’s The Early Show. But June alleged that he abandoned them at the pinnacle of his career, which Bryant was quick to counter as false acclaims.

According to the lawyer of the 4-time Emmy winner, the TV personality paid her $40,000-a-month. However, by mid-2000, her allowance was reportedly cut to $250-a-month; because she had spent $11,000 on jewelry since their separation.

In her defense, June stated that those expenses were for ‘something that made her feel good’ since she was on psychological trauma. Furthermore, Westchester Judge John LaCava ruled in favor of June, asking Gumbel to pay her $4,000 per month for living and expenses of the psychiatrist.

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