Rayan Cherki is a well-known French footballer. He has been able to create a good name in the field of professional soccer. Currently, he plays as an Attacking Midfielder in the Ligue 1 Clun Lyon team. It has been just three years since he joined the group of Lyon. Rayan has been an active member of the Lyonnais since the 7th of July 2019.

Though everyone knows him for his work in the field of professional soccer, very few know about his personal life. Even though he is pretty popular, there is significantly less information on his life. So, today we have tried our best to find the necessary information about his career, relationship, and other details regarding his biography!

Quick Facts
NameRayan Cherki
Age19 years old
Date of Birth17th of August 2003
Place of BirthLyon, France
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Height5 feet 9 inches
Net Worth$2 Million
Rayan Cherki
Rayan Cherki via Getty

What is Rayan Cherki Age?

As of 2022, he is around the age of 19 years old. Mathis Rayan Cherki was born in Lyon, France, on the 17th of August 2003. However, he was born in France his claims his nationality to be both Algerian and French. Besides that, he has only shared a few details about his family. From the details, we learned that both his parents are of Italian Descent, and his father’s name is Fabrice.

Did Rayan Receive his Degree?

Primarily, he finished his primary education at his local school and is still taking his secondary education. The number of degrees on his name is yet to be crowned. His place of birth and training is the origin of the upcoming success he patiently awaits. However, we hope he will join the French University for his future education.

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Is Rayan Cherki playing in FIFA?

Currently, he is not playing Fifa. Fifa is only for those who qualify for the club. Rayan Cherki is presently in his development phase and is closely monitored by Real Madrid. Even though Rayan Cherki Algerie is doing good in pieces of training and other sparring matches. Teams like Man Utd and Real Madrid are looking closely at Rayan to find the perfect time to enlist him from Lyon.

Rayan Cherki
Rayan Cherki Via getrealchamp

Who is Rayan Cherki Girlfriend?

Currently, he has not shown any details regarding his girlfriend whatsoever. We know he is working hard to pursue his career as a professional footballer at Lyon. As a matter of fact, he has not even shown a sign of affairs. So, the details regarding his relationship remain hidden at the moment.

Does Rayan have a social media account?

Yes, he has his very own Instagram account as one of the primary social media sources. He lets his fans know about his injury and his soon-to-be transfermarkt details through his Instagram. Since he is one of the most anticipated players, it is hopefully better if you keep an eye on him. Even though he is willing to change the number of teams, as far as we know, his jersey number will remain number 18. So you can find him on Instagram under his username @rayancherki.

Rayan Cherki
Rayan Cherki via getfootballnewsfrance

What is Rayan Cherki Net Worth?

Though he is more in a training phase under Lyon, he still makes a significant income. However, for different reasons, he or his agency has not revealed any details regarding his net worth. Some sources claim that his net worth is around $2 Million. Indeed, that information is tough to trust because of the lack of facts backing up those claims at the moment. So, let’s hope we will learn more about his financial details in the future.

What is Rayan Cherki Height?

Currently, he is around the height of 5 feet and 9 inches. Since he is still in the growing phase so we can expect him to grow more; other than that, he resembles a typical french facial structure with black hair and black eyes, followed by a weight of 71 kg. As of now, he is doing excellent training under his team, Lyon. Finally, we came to know that his zodiac sign is Leo.

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