Have you ever wondered who Tangey Turner in the Famous drama series “Famous in Love” is? Well, it turns out her real name is Pepi Sonuga. She is famous for her best works as Lacey Emer in the Starz horror-comedy series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Today you will get to know a little bit about Papi Sonuga as a part of her Biography.

If you are interested in her movies, you will love her movie debuts like Life of a king, Let’s be friends and Under the Silver Lake. Her other famous movies are Thriller and Leprechaun Returns. However, she is not quite known for her movie debuts. However, the drama television series has left quite a mark on the Audience of America.

Quick Facts
ProfessionAmerican Actress
FatherJean Sobieski
MotherJada Pinkett Smith
Net-Worth$1.5 Million
Ethnicity African-American
Real Hair ColorDark Brown
Number of Siblings5

Pepi Sonuga
Pepi Sonuga, a Nigerian-American actress Image Source: letsott.com

What is Pepi Sonuga age?

She was born in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. Her Birthdate is September 8, 1993. Pepi’s Main Ethnicity is African-American. However, her parents, along with her, moved to Los Angeles at the age of 10. Even though her birthplace is Nigeria, she claims her Nationality as Nigerian-American.

Who are Pepi Sonuga Parents?

Jean Sobieski and Jada Pinkett Smith(Her father and mother) are famous actors and actresses. Her parents are one of the reasons she became a successful actress and model. After ten years of her birth, her father and mother moved to Los Angeles, pursuing a higher Quality of Life. Pepi has a total of Five Siblings Jussie Smollett, Jojo Smollet, Jazz Smollett, and Jacque Smollet.

Why Pepi’s mother is more recognized?

Her mother is quite talented among her family, she is a producer, talk show host, and businesswoman, and she has also participated in songwriting. To sum it all up, she is one of the reasons why Pepi is also recognized as a talented singer.

How did Pepi Get Famous?

She is the winner of several competitions of her time, like Miss Teen Los Angeles(only at the age of 15). She became part of modeling just at the age of 22 and performed modeling for brands like Forever 21, Skechers, and Hot topic. Her career began with the Short film Weigh Money where she played Lena.

This short film sparked the actress inside her, and she wanted to pursue this forward. Jeffrey Andre is a photographer who has taken multiple photos of the actress, which is also a contributing factor to her success.

Pepi Sonuga
Pepi is well-known for the series, Famous in Love

Did Pepi Sonuga Play Sally in the Fosters?

After her first debut in General Hospital for a Television series, her acting became good and noticeable to directors. Hence, different Television series consecutively hired her. One of her Popular Series is when she played Sally from the Fosters.

After that, she went from doing Taylor Dubois in General Hospital to the Main role for Queens as “Lauren Rice.” One of her other famous dramas is Famous in love which pleased the heart of many audiences. However, her Television series has not ended as she said she still has more Series like Hombre and Harlem’s Kitchen yet to release, where she will play Adanna and Nina, respectively.

Did Monte and Sally Kiss?

The Foster is one of the popular Series of Pepi’s career, and one of the fans’ top questions was, “Did Monte kiss sally?”. Well, as a matter of fact, in “Sixteen,” Sally was the one who tried to kiss Monte.

Are Keith Powers and Pepi Sonuga in a relationship?

Even though it might seem as if she is in a relationship with Keith powers after the “Let’s just be friends” movie. A young Nigerian-American Actress has rightfully denied being in any relationship till now. 

She is still single but has acclaimed she was in a relationship a few years back but hasn’t revealed anything yet. The only thing she has shown is that she is enjoying the company of her family and friends, and she likes to keep it like that for a while.

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Is Pepi Active On Social Media?

She has over 7.6K followers on Facebook with the name @PepiSonuga, where she follows Queens ABC and African Proverbs Page. On Instagram, Her username is @pepisonuga, and she has over 120K followers, including other 166 following accounts. Likewise, she also has a Twitter handle with Pepi(@PepiSonuga), with around 10.6K followers.

Pepi Sonuga
Pepi Sonuga posing for photo

What is Pepi Sonuga Net Worth?

Her Networth is around $1.5 Million. She earns from her TV series and Movie Appearances. Pepi has her own house. Her Annual Salary is estimated between $50,520 to $60,000. Fans think her main source of income is being a confident model. One of her proud possessions is Yeezy Sneakers($519). She does own a car, but it has not been revealed which model she owns. In the past, it was BMW.

What is Pepi Snouga Height?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is 165 centimeters. For a Nigerian-American model, her height at 28 is considered well for the current fashion industry. Her Real eyes color is Dark-Brown. She weighs nearly 188lbs (this is an estimated value).  However, her chest, Hips, and Bust sizes are unknown. Pepi’s real hair color is also Dark Brown, making her the perfect Nigerian beauty for any model photoshoots. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

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