Today are going to talk more about Nicole Petallides. Nicole is particularly renowned for all the different reasons in America. Remarkably, she became famous for her work as an anchor on FOX news. However, she didn’t stay in that position for a long time. She later went to TD Ameritrade network and got signed as the New anchor there.

Though she is popular worldwide, she is more famous because of her association. Since she is in a huge stage, she will likely have more connections. So, in a way or two, we can say that she has a significant influence from her relationships. So, why are we covering ourselves today? We have decided to answer some of the internet’s burning questions about Nicole Petallides.

Quick Facts
NameNicole Petallides
Age50 years old
Date of BirthSep 20th, 1971
Place of BirthQueens, New York, United States
FatherJohn C.
MotherFannie Holliday
RelationshipMarried to Nicholas Tsiolas
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye colorDark brown
Height5 feet 10 inches
ChildrenTwo sons
Net Worth$3 million
Nicole Petallides
Nicole Petallides with filters Via Instagram

What is Nicole Petallides Age?

The popular news anchor is around the age of 50 years old. Nicole Petallides was born on Sep 20th, 1971, in Queens, New York, United States. Due to her birth rights, it seems her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is caucasian. She was born at the hands of her Christian parents, John C. and Fannie Holliday. Other than that, we don’t have enough information about her siblings.

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Where did Nicole receive her education?

Starting, it seems that she completed her primary education at Buckley Country Day school, located in New York. After graduating from that particular school, she studied in her local schools for her secondary education. Finally, she went to the well-known American University to learn more about her bachelor’s degree program. Her education in political science allowed her to be one of the most acceptable anchors of all time.

Is the news of Nicole leaving fox news true?

Yes, Nicole Petallides was previously a well-known Fox news anchor and primarily gained popularity from that particular channel. However, just like any other businesswoman. He also thought it was an excellent time to move from her comfort zone to find another home to stay in. That way, she could land an excellent job under TD Ameritrade Channel. She joined TD Ameritrade after leaving her post on FOX around Dec 17th, 2018.

Nicole Petallides
Nicole Petallides with her friend Elizabeth Via Instagram

Who is Nicole Petallides Husband?

If you search her name on google or even in any search engine, you will come up with the fact that she is indeed married. Nicole Petallides is married to her husband named, Nicholas Tsiolas. Even though we don’t know when they started dating in the first place. The couple has been married for over 24 years and has two sons. Specifically, they both got married back in 1998.

Does Nicole have her own Instagram account?

Yes, she does have her own Instagram account. She loves sharing more about her life and content on her Instagram account. Her pictures have been the media’s favorite days. She even trended on media for being a low-life cleavage. No matter the cause, if you are someone who wants to know more about her life. We suggest you guys follow her Instagram instead.

Nicole Petallides
Nicole Petallides after a basketball game Via Instagram

What is Nicole Petallides Net Worth?

She is a successful news anchor and even runs advertisement campaigns. Over the years, she also has gained a good amount of information on how the business works. She is also one of those few anchors with a lot of experience in anchoring. However, Nicole has never revealed any details about her net worth. As of now, it seems that her net worth might be around $3 million. She earns her cash mostly from her work in Td Ameritrade.

How tall is Nicole Petallides?

Specifically, she stands at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches, and her body weight is around 57kilograms. Besides that, she resembles a typical caucasian facial structure with Dark brown hair and eye color. Furthermore, she is famous for her long legs, which complement her height. As of now, she is completely healthy and is not suffering from any major health complications.

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