We think that around today’s age, everyone uses Netflix and hence knows some of its popular movies and tv shows. Today’s coverage is much more dedicated to the celebrity of the Netflix series named Sex Education. Today, we can talk more about the celebrity sister of celebrity Asa Butterfield. Marlie Butterfield is the sister of a popular Netflix TV actor and a Media celebrity. she became famous due to her association with her brother. 

However, unlike her brother, her discography on the Internet is rare. Due to this reason, people find it hard to learn more about the popular celebrity Sister. We searched the entire Internet to learn more about ourselves, even for ourselves. Even though we did work a lot, we could only find a handful of information regarding Marlie. Hence, in today’s coverage, we will learn everything about her available on the Internet! 

Quick Facts
Full NameMarlie Butterfield
Date of BirthApril 1st, 2012
BirthplaceLondon, UK
Net worthUnknown
Height3 feet and 8 inches
Zodiac SignAries
SiblingsLoxie, Morgan and Asa Butterfield
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorHazel
Father's nameSam Butterfield
Mother's NameMonica Butterfield
Marlie Butterfield
Marlie Butterfield with her Sister Via Instagram

What is Marlie Butterfield Age?

As of 2022, she is around the age of 10 years old. Marlie Butterfield was born on April 1st, 2012, in London, United Kingdom. Due to her birthrights, her nationality is British, and her ethnicity is African British. She is the daughter of Father Sam Butterfield and her mother, Monica Butterfield.

Growing up, she had an amazing childhood, which she shared with her siblings named Loxie Butterfield, Morgan and Asa Butterfield. Asa is the most famous one among her family due to his movies and television shows. 

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Where did Marlie receive her education?

Due to privacy reasons, the popular star kid’s parents have not revealed any details about her academic goals. As far as we are concerned, she is studying her primary education at her local schools in London. The detail about her secondary and higher education completely depends on her parents. As far as we are concerned, it seems that she will follow the footpaths of her brother and soon will join the film industry.  

Marlie Butterfield
Marlie Butterfield with her brother Asa Via Instagram

Do Marlie and Asa Butterfield hang out? 

Of course, they are siblings, and they often like to hang out with each other. If you follow Asa’s Instagram, you can see that he loves sharing pictures of his family and his friends. Among those pictures are different pictures of Marlie and Asa Hanging out.

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Even though she is still his half-sister, she is still very small and deserves every family member’s love. Due to this reason, her parents and her siblings love her unconditionally, and those love can be seen through every picture on their social media platforms.

Does Marlie have any boyfriends?

As of 2022, she is pretty young to have a boyfriend. Currently, she’s only focused on having a good time. She enjoys their company and loves to spend time with them every time they are home. Hence, we can only update this information when she gets older. As of now, we suggest you enjoy her beautiful pictures through her sibling’s Instagram.

Marlie Butterfield
Marlie Butterfield with her mom and dad Via Instagram

What is Marlie Butterfield net worth?

Due to her age and innocent face, we don’t think she needs to worry about money soon. Her parents and other family members take care of everything related to her financial needs. The only thing she requires to do is a little smile, and everything she needs is presented in front of her. Hence the detail about her net worth will only be shared once she starts earning her own money. 

What is Marlie Butterfield height?

Even though her height is not publicly available on the Internet, she is around the height of 3 feet and 8 inches. Other than that, her body weight is also around 38 kilograms. She resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with blonde hair and Hazel’s eyes. As of 2022, she is completely healthy, and she is not suffering from any major health complications. Finally, it seems that her Zodiac sign is Aries.  

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