Lauren Shippen is a successful writer, podcast speaker, actress, and musician from America. She is known for her books and podcasts on different platforms. Her work mostly surrounds fictional as well as realistic audiobooks and creations. She has been in writing and producing industry since 2015 and has never stopped producing books and podcasts ever since. Her most famous works surround the love dramas like a podcast created for the modern era.

She is a visionary author and spoke person, and her works are mostly relatable as she writes about the things we see in our life daily. With a little bit of humor and a sprinkle of Reality, she connects with hearing the people who love to read her books. Due to her immense popularity in recent years, her fans are eager to know the young writer’s life. So, let us take a ride in her life as we take a sneak peek at her life in her biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameLauren Shippen
Date of Birth1992
BirthplaceUnited States
Net worth$3 Million
Height5 feet 5 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorGrey
Lauren Shippen
Lauren Shippen Posing Via Instagram

What is the age of Lauren Shippen?

As of 2022, her age is around 30 years old. Lauren Shippen was born in Los Angeles. The United States in 1992. Her birthdate is not mentioned anywhere on the internet. Since she was born in America, she holds an American nationality card, and her ethnicity is caucasian. Her parents are catholic Christian and follow the same ethnicity. However, the details about her parents are not public due to some privacy reasons.

Where did Lauren study?

You can assume she is very talented because she has two bachelor’s degrees. Looking back, she studied her primary studies from any primary school around Los Angeles. Further, she went to The College of William and Mary two study for her bachelor’s degree in music. When she graduated in 2013, she went abroad to study British politics and history at the University of Manchester.

What is the most popular podcast of Lauren?

The most popular podcast of Lauren Shippen is the bright sessions. That post cast has 64 episodes, and each episode is a full life feature in itself. She even got an award as iHeart’s number one post cast award for being the best drama podcast of 2018.

Her iconic episodes are Infinite noise and Dream, which outsold the podcast in America. However, before her podcast, we must also know that she wrote the book about the bright sessions. Nevertheless, she deserves every inch of success from her creation due to her hard work.

Lauren Shippen
Lauren Shippen with her books Via Instagram

Is Lauren Shippen married?

The 30-year-old writer has not shared anything about her personal life. Lauren seems to be more indulged in her professional life at the moment. There was a rumor going on about Lauren dating someone during her first popularity, but that news never made it to the headline. She is a little bit back when it comes to media rumors and keeps her private life to herself. As of 2022, she is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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Is Lauren Shippen seen supporting gay activists through her Instagram?

She is a big supporter of gay activism, and she has revealed that numerous times. Not only that, some of the episodes of The bright sessions are dedicated to some gay individuals and their struggles. She has written numerous stories surrounding the sensitive topic of gay sexuality in modern society. You can follow her Instagram at @laurenshippen to know more about her life and how she is doing right now.

Lauren Shippen
Lauren Shippen with her mother Via Instagram

What is the net worth of Lauren Shippen?

Before we mark anything, we must calculate her assets and her creations. From the beginning, she is the author of the popular book Neon Summer. She has also produced and worked on over 4 podcasts with 200+ episodes. Lauren is also the CEO of an aTypical artist creative label. With over 8+ creations under her name, she is making a good amount of money from herself. Well, how much is it then?

It turns out she earns around 20k per month and 700k per year as her net salary. Combined with her assets, she earns around $3 Million as her net worth. Of course, the numbers may change depending upon her net creations. However, as far as we know, it is only going higher.

What is the hair color of Lauren Shippen?

She is a typical Caucasian female with black hair and Grey eyes. Lauren seems to be a little shorter in height and weighs around 60kg. Aside from her 5 feet 5 inches height, her main feature is her big white smile. Unfortunately, since we don’t know her birth month, we don’t have any info about her birthday.

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