It is always a matter of curiosity for the people to get the news of popular celebrity headlines. Especially when it comes to Lastonia Leviston Net Worth and Earnings after the solid law controversy with Rapper 50 Cents, she received millions of dollars right after filing a case against 50 Cent for leaking her Sex video on the public website.

Lastonia Leviston is an American divorced woman currently living her life in her 40s. She became a constant buzz in the American media and Music Industry. After her dating relationship with rapper Rick Ross was publicized, she instantly came to media highlights with the tag of Rapper’s Girlfriend. But she did not enjoy the paparazzi’s long time.

What is Lastonia Leviston Age? How Old Is She? Learn About her Birthday

Lastonia Leviston Net Worth
American Celebrity Lastonia Leviston

Born and raised in the lap of the common American-African parents, the woman has achieved all the basic things such as better education, a normal career and stable life. Later, she met an American Rapper Rick Ross in 2000, and their close intimate relationship brought a beautiful daughter Toie Roberts into this world. Let’s find out what is she doing now? Or What does Leviston do to live after her break-up with Rapper?

Inside Lastonia Leviston Net Worth!

Lastonia Leviston is included among the most controversial as well as also one of the wealthiest celebrity girlfriends. Based on all the facts and research from different websites, Business Insider indicated that Lastonia has a staggering net worth of $5.5 Million as of 2022.

However, Leviston’s professional career has not contributed much to it. She has never openly talked about her business or profession other than just being a celebrity girlfriend. But we’ve found that Lastonia has also involved in the real-estate business. She has established and working on it for the past three years.

Lastonia Leviston Net Worth
Lastonia Leviston’s Daughter During her 18th Birthday with father Rick Ross via.

After receiving as big as $5 million money from the Rapper 50 Cents, she undoubtedly enjoyed and gave a privileged life to her daughter. Some sources even claim that the lady has her own house in California. Moreover, with all of her money, she has maintained a lavish lifestyle.

Reason for Owning $5 Million by Lastonia Leviston

Lastonia Leviston, in the past, was widely getting attention as a girlfriend of millionaire and popular Rapper Rick Ross. However, the relationship soon took bitter turns as they separated in 2002 after the birth of their only daughter.

Later, 50 Cent, aka Curtis James Jackson III, allegedly bought the sex tape from Maurice Murray the ex-boyfriend of Leviston. Then he uploaded it to his website featuring her private moment with her ex-boyfriend. Leviston’s lawyers claimed that the Rapper used the video to bring traffic to his website for his benefit.

Lastonia Leviston Net Worth
Lastonia Leviston Sued and Received 5 million from rapper 50 Cents via.

After the video went viral on the internet, Lastonia left “suicidal” from her vengeful ex and claimed the tape destroyed her life. As a result, the woman sued Curtis 50 Cents for $15 million but only received $5 million as compensation.

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