Kayja Rose is the stepdaughter of an American comedian star Joe Rogan. He is famous for his comedy, material arts, and podcast. However, Rose is not her biological daughter. But, still, he loves her dearly as his own.

When we talk about Joe, It is incredible to know how successful Joe has become. He has worked in many sectors such as UFC commentator, Book writer, comedian, and many more. Besides that, he adopted Kayja Rose, and It makes him Kayja Rose stepfather. Also, we can say, Kayja Rose’s stepfather has made a good impression on her.

Kayja Rose Relationship With Her StepFather

Joe Rogan and Kayja Rose relationship began when Joe tied the knot with Jessica Rogan, who is a former model. After that came the adoption of Kayja Rose in 2009. Rose was in a new family with her mother and stepfather, Joe Rogan.

However, her biological father was Keven A. Conor, also known as Dino, in R&B group H-Town. But, he died in 2003 while Rose was still a child.

Therefore, Jessica was living a life of a single mother with Rose until she meets Joe. Even Joe has acknowledged how much his life has changed when he is with Jessica. He also considers Rose as his elder daughter.

To sum up the fact, Joe has two other daughters from his previous marriage. Their names are Lola and Rosy Rogan. He has mentioned a lot about his family on his podcast, saying it is fantastic to have such a family. And he loves all of them dearly.

Legacy of her Father

Kayja Rose’s stepfather admires her music career and proved himself as a good father. Moreover, she has established herself as a singer and songwriter. Her music genre falls into R&B, which is also her late father genre.

But that’s not all of it. She also has the same taste of music, just like Dino used to have. As of today, she has more than five singles on Spotify and expecting to release more. Her other platform includes Soundcloud, which is also a massive platform for her.

So, looking at her present life as a musician, she is a true musician daughter. And her Dino would have been proud of her. Nevertheless, she gets all her love and support from her current family, including Joe Rogan.

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