Social media has become yet another platform where you can build your whole career. You earn fame, but you can also earn quite a good amount of money. Similarly, today, we will be learning about the wife of yet another famous Youtuber. Katherine Kulakov is the wife of the popular Russian-American Youtuber name Taras Kulakov. Her husband’s YouTube channel name is Crazy Russin Hacker, where he posts about DIY stuff.

The channel has over 2.6 billion total views and has over 11.6 Million subscribers. However, her husband started the channel rather late. His consistency has allowed him to become one of the TOP 500 creators of the channel. However, due to the recent events in the life of Katherine Kulakov and her husband. Fans of Crazy Russian Hacker want to know more about the life of Katherine. So, today we will be talking all about the life of Katherine Kulakov as a part of her biography.

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Quick Facts
Full NameKatherine Kulakov
Date of BirthUnknown
RelationshipMarried to Taras Kulakov
Net worth$500k to $800k
Height5 feet 7 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorGrey
Katherine Kulakov
Katherine Kulakov in her wedding Pictures Via Fame&name

What is Katherine Kulakov Age?

Unlike her husband, Katherine likes to keep her private information to herself. Therefore,m she has not revealed anything about her parents, birthdate, and siblings. However, her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is Russian, just like her husband. Though the couple shares the same ethnicity, the mother tongue of her husband seems to be stronger than herself.

Where did Katherine get her education from?

This part of the question remains unanswered due to the lack of information. As far as we know, she is a university graduate with a degree in financial studies. However, this detail is yet to be confirmed by herself. The popular Youtube never talks about his wife on his Youtube channel and only features her in a minor number of videos. So, it’s hard even to guess the particular information.

Did Katherine get popular from Crazy Russian Hacker?

We still don’t know her actual job on the Popular Youtube channel Crazy Russian Hacker. She became popular when her fiance revealed herself on his Youtube channel. Even though it is not genuine information, they help each other while making her husband’s Youtube videos. Hence, it can be said that she owns the popularity now.

Katherine Kulakov
Katherine Kulakov with her husband in a YouTube video Via YouTube

When was Katherine Kulakov Wedding with Taras Kulakov?

It’s not that she only likes to keep her life private. Her husband also kept the information about him dating her secret for a long time. They finally revealed their relationship back in 2017 and said they are dating each other. However, the couple’s love bloomed as they finally tied their knot at the wedding held in 2018. Though we don’t know her first name, her maiden name changed to Kulakov after marrying her husband in 2018.

Who is Katherine Kulakov Baby?

The couple who got married in 2018 finally decided to have their child. She shared the good news of her being pregnant around mid of 2021. A number has increased the couple’s family members. Katherine gave birth to her baby daughter named Alice recently in 2022. They coupled by blessed with their child recently because, On her husband’s Wikipedia page, there is no mention of their baby.

Is Katherine active on social media?

If you scroll down to her husband’s Instagram account, all you will see are his creations and his pet photos. It seems that he is not quite comfortable sharing his family’s pictures. On the other hand, Katherine also doesn’t seem like he has interest in social media. The popular celebrity wife doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Katherine Kulakov
Katherine Kulakov with her husband Via Famneandname

What is Katherine Kulakov Net Worth?

There is no exact information regarding her net worth. However, she was rumored to be financially independent because she works herself. But earning amount is still a Mystery. Her husband makes around $5 to $12 Million as of 2022. Though this detail is not confirmed, her net worth seems to be around $500k to $800k as of 2022.

What is Katherine Kulakov Height?

Academic, as well as her physical details along with others, are not public to the media. However, from the photos, you can still point out that she is smaller than her husband and is around the height of 5 feet and 7 inches to 5 feet and 4 inches. Since the detail is still fictitious, we cant assume her weight because she recently went through pregnancy. However, we know that she is a Russian caucasian who resembles a grey eye and black hair facial structure.

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