One of the most trending topics on this social media is related to Johnny vs Amber. The couples were the hot topic of 2020, where different allegations were made regarding Amber Heard abusing her husband, Johnny Depp. Even though different Sources testified that there was the correct Statement.

There are some loopholes from the side of Johnny Depp as well. Due to this reason, they are still fighting in Court for their longtime justice. On one side, it is Amber Heard, claiming that she didn’t abuse her husband. On another side, Johnny Depp has proven that his wife abused him multiple times.

Johnny vs. Amber
Kate Moss with Jhonny Depp in Red Carpet Via Getty

Johnny Depp sought media attention for a long time by giving different signs. Since he is a male individual, he cannot simply say that his wife abused him. Due to this reason, he gave his fans different signs to prove that he was being abused in his home.

Moreover, the media heard his prayers later on, and the court case finally took it off in 2022. The court case began in January of 2022 and continues as of May 2022. We have seen several Clips of both Johnny vs Amber case revealing their Statement in front of the judge throughout the time. Some of them are good, some of them are controversial, and some of them are disgusting. Today, we can talk more about another suspect in their particular case named Kate Moss. 

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When will Kate Moss testify in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard? 

Kate Moss is a popular British actress and model who was previously in a relationship with Johnny Depp. The couple started dating back in 1990 when they were introduced. However, due to their differences, they couple finally separated in 1997.

Even though the media is less interested in any violence that takes place inside of their homes. However, it was a little bit different in Kate Moss’s case. As far as Amber’s statement is concerned, she has stated that her current husband, Johnny Depp was in a violent relationship with his ex-partner Kate Moss.

Johnny vs. Amber
Kate Moss with Jhonny Depp in Red Carpet Via Getty

She wrote a statement to the jury Writing that her current husband, Johnny Depp, pushed his ex-partner from the stairs. Amber also wrote that this led Kate to suffer from different facial and body scars. Even though the entire court case is on the side of Johnny Depp, people think that this might be the turning point for him as well.

Amber has been trying her best to Make sure that her husband feels guilty for his actions. Due to that reason, she has decided to bring all of his ex-partners with whom he was in a violent relationship into the Jury. However, though she is bringing all of her testimonials to the Jury, what are the chances that she is doing it correctly? 

What are the odds that bringing Kate Moss into the Controversy will make Amber Victorious? 

The answer to this particular question is rather controversial. The whole Jury will decide the winning through Kate Moss’s side. Even if Kate Moss joins Amber’s side, the winning will still not be decided. It is up to the Jury to decide about the leader of this particular case.

Furthermore, it will only be done by carefully assessing all those testifying testimonials in the Court. Hence, we can all agree that the particular statement about the decision will be released when the Jury learns more about Kate Moss’s statement.

Johnny vs. Amber
Kate Moss along with Jhonny Depp and Amber Heard Via Rollingstone

However, the chances of Amber winning this particular court case are very less. Even though she might have won some of the cases before with Johnny Depp. The allegations made in the Current Court case are rather different from the others.

This time, Johnny, as we required evidence of his wife assaulting him multiple times. Moreover, he also has the emotional and legal support of his ex-partners. Even though he was violent in his previous relationship, he was never abusive with his partner. Due to this, we think that Court might give the differenStatementnt that we expected when Kate Moss joined the Court.