Karis Jagger is not a new name to this world; she was initially recognized as a Celebrity daughter of legendary actor and lead singer of ‘Rolling Stone’ band, Mick Jagger. She went through several ups and downs in her life, forgetting his father’s love.

However, Karis never learned to look back in her life and began her journey to the entertainment industry. In the beginning, the lady landed on her first movie ‘Patch Adams’ in 1998 as Production Assistant. Later on, she self-got featured in films like ‘Man On The Moon,’ ‘Sweet November,’ and ‘The Rainmaker.’

Despite several struggles and complex phases of life, Karish found her source of Happiness which she shares with her soulmate. A long-term relationship that did not suffocate to stand one another’s side whenever in need. Let’s learn about Karis Jagger Married life and current lifestyle further here.

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Karis Jagger Married

Famous as Mick Jagger’s daughter, the Production assistant, and philanthropist, Karish Hunt Jagger, is prominent personnel in media due to her biological links with a celebrity family. She walked down the aisle with a producer, Jonathan M. Watson. The rumors and some media suggest as the pair officially exchanged their wedding vows in a grand marriage ceremony in early 2000.

Karis and Jonathan’s relationship is unique and lovely but secretive. She mostly kept her life stuff out of the media nose. However, she never denies the fact that she feels blessed to have Jonathan by her side. The couple met several years before their marriage when Karis was working as a production assistant in the industry.

Currently, with Jonathan, Karis is leading a happy and blissful marital relationship since their marriage. There is no any rumors or secret affairs exist in their delightful life.

Proud Parents of Two Kids

Karis Jagger’s happiest moment was when she gave birth to her first child, a daughter Mazie Watson. Mazie is very close to her mother’s heart as she remembers her dark childhood without the proper love of her parents.

Similarly, she again welcomed her second child son in 2004, and her husband named him Zack Watson. The children of Karish are very close to her grandfather. They were often seen with Mick Jagger in May 2015 at Barneys New York, California.

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