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Getting into the media attention is not a big deal nowadays. A person is automatically caught into the public spotlight if they belong or connect with any star personality of Hollywood. The same goes for Jodean Bottom, a trendy character known as a half-sister of star actors Joaquin Phoenix and River Phoenix.

Born in 1964 into American celebrity parents, Jodean is currently enjoying the celebrity life garnered by her brothers. Joaquin Phoenix is considered one of the most brilliant and versatile actors of this generation who recently played the lead role in the movie “Joker.” There are many hidden facts about Joaquin’s sister; stay with this page to know it all.

Quick Facts
Name Jodean Bottom
Birth 29th of February, 1964,
Age 57 years old
Nationality American
Net Worth $50 Million (Joaquin Phoenix)
Parents John Lee Bottom and Trinity
Siblings River and Joaquin Phoenix, Rain, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix
Daughter Yes

Early Age

Jodean Bottom aka Trust Bottom Phoenix was birthed on the 29th of February, 1964, somewhere in the United States of America. She was born to her father, John Lee Bottom, and ex-girlfriend of her father, Trinity. Bottom’s father initially worked as a missionary; however, he later left the work.

Jordan is the eldest child of John Lee. After she was born, her father married another woman Arlyn Dunetz. Similarly, from stepmother Arlyn, she received five siblings with two brothers, River and Joaquin Phoenix, and three sisters, Rain, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix.

The Bottom family moved and settled in Canada, fearing the Vietnam draft after Jodean’s birth. And later changed their surname by Phoenix, which symbolizes a new beginning. Finally, the family agreed and found a religious group called Children of God.


Jodean Bottom lives a secretive life away from the media limelight. Needless to say, she is only famous because of her brothers Joaquin Phoenix and River Phoenix. Talking about her younger brother Joaquin, he previously ranked 12th out of 25 Greatest Actors of this era by The News York Times.

Being a producer, environmentalist, and actor, he won several awards like Academy Award, Grammy Award, and Golden Globe Awards. His greatest hits of all time included the most-watched and appreciated movies are, “Joker“, “Gladiator”, “You Were Never Really Here” and so on. He won Golden Globe Award for his role.

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Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, the sister of Joaquin Phoenix, Jodean Bottom, has cut off all her connections with media and the outside world. She only spends time with her family and brothers, and there is no information available regarding her boyfriend or marriage.

But interestingly, some sources mentioned a little information about Jodean’s only daughter. Yes, she has a child, but it was never found about her other information like her name, father name, etc.

Jordan’s younger brother River Phoenix found about her. However, as per reports, River had supported both his sister and his nephew when he was alive.

Death of Half-brother, River Phoenix

River Phoenix was another most talented and phenomenal actor in the Hollywood industry. He was a proficient actor, musician, and activist who passed away at the age of 23. Reportedly, it was because of an overdose of drugs that took his life on the 3rd of October, 1993.

Jodean Bottom’s brother’s death remained a secret hidden from media until his friend Bob Forest revealed detailed information in his memoir, Running with Monsters, in 2013. Also, later in 2018, River’s past girlfriend, Samantha Mathis, talked about the awful night publicly in the media.

Along her then-boyfriend River and his siblings Joaquin and Rain walked into the LA club, Viper Room, officially owned by Johnny Deep. Samantha thought River was only going there to drop off his siblings, but when she arrived there, River told her girlfriend that, “Oh, there are some people having music tonight in the club, who wants me to play with them; that’s OK, right? ( ”

Hence, though Mathis knew something was wrong there, she did not saw a single person doing drugs yet. However, her boyfriend was in full charge, and within an hour, Jodean’s brother dead.

Net Worth

Jodean Bottom’s profession has not been revealed yet, so it is pretty impossible to predict her earnings and net worth. However, her celebrity siblings are well-established actors in the Hollywood industry.

Her younger brother Joaquin Phoenix stands at a total net worth of $50 Million, whereas her late brother River Phoenix had an actual net worth of $5 Million.

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