Jason Schanne is recognized as one of the famous Italian choreographers and TV personalities. The guy has performed several Ballroom and Latin Dances in his golden career. However, he lives a very low-key life and does not open up so much to the media. As a result, we knew only a few details about him.

Unlike Jason, the star and highlight of the entertainment industry and Jason’s sweetheart, Bruno Tonioli has made a very successful career. From choreography to a judge of the famous TV show “Strictly Come Dancing,” he has made his appearance almost everywhere.

As mentioned earlier, we cannot found much but admit that Jason has had a fantastic career as a dancer and choreographer. But we have a lot of stuff to say about his personal life, like How is the choreographer spending his life nowadays? Is Jason Schanne Dating Anyone? Or Jason Schanne Married already?

What’s Jason Schanne Relationship Status?

Every fan and follower are wondering if Jason is married to Bruno Tonioli. Well, the pair has engaged but not married yet. The gay couple kept their love affair under the curtains. However, made their appearance at public events and attends celebrity functions together.

Jason Schanne and Bruno Tonioli were caught into each other’s sight in 2010 since the day both fall for each other. And the relationship between them is still as strong as it was during the 2010s. Likewise, Jason Schanne dating Bruno for nearly two years, the duo gay couple had committed and engaged in 2012, attended by many celebrities like Perez Hilton and Johnny Weir.

Although Jason Schanne is not much open regarding his love life with Bruno Tonioli, the news about their marriage is spreading all over the internet. According to some sources, the couple has soon got into a marital relationship. However, let’s wait until we found more details about them.

Rumors of Bruno Tonioli Dating another Guy!

While the love life of Jason with Bruno was still into the phase of getting more robust, the “Dancing with the Stars” judge has caught into the media talk and headlines of dating Matt Law. He is a British Model and media personality.

However, not every rumor heard by the ears needs to be true. Similarly, the matter has solved when Bruno and Matt together appeared at Mary Poppins Returns Premiere. Both of them denied the hoax spread by the media as admit they were just close friends.

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