Debra Antney Brother is a very hot topic as of now to many audiences. Debra is the founder and CEO of Mizay entertainment, and her clients include Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Mecc Rashawan, etc. She is well-known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, mogul and mother. Also, people look up to her as she is an empowered woman.

Debra Antney and DJ Hurricane are reportedly related to each other. DJ Hurricane is an American hip-hop DJ, rapper and producer. He is also very famous among people for his works and has a huge fanbase worldwide. Many sources claim that these two icons are siblings. Stick to the gossip to know more about how they are related and to know more about who is Debra’s siblings.

Debra Antney Brother
Deb and Mecc in an interview

How are Debra and DJ Hurricane related?

Many sources claim that DJ Hurricane is the brother of Debra Antney. But in actual the two aren’t a biological siblings but treat each other as brother and sister. Ayana, Hurricane’s kid, refers to Deb as her favourite aunt. Ayana grew up around Debra, and they are very special to each other. Also, they love each other’s company and the three of them hang out together most of the time.

Debra and DJ Hurrican are not one another’s siblings but are not just friends. They are related to each other. Debra happens to be the godmother of Brandon Barnes. Brandon Barnes is the nephew of DJ Hurricane. This is how DJ and Debra got to know each other. Many assume Deb and DJ are siblings because they sometimes eat under the same roof.

Debra Antney Brother
Deb, DJ and their mutual friend

Who are Debra Antney siblings?

Debra Antney was born in McDonough, Georgia, on March 10, 1962. She was compelled to start trading drugs at a young age in Jamaica, Queens, where she was raised in a challenging household. She also got her siblings involved to face the situation of drugs. The oldest of her mother’s nine children is Debra Antney. They shared an extraordinary childhood together despite her family’s challenging environment, as she mentioned in one of her interviews. 

Debra Antney Brother
Deb, in an interview

Many sources have mentioned her fun childhood and her challenging household, but no details about her siblings and family are available on the internet. Information about her parents and schooling is also not known. She seems to be a private person who does not share much personal information. Also, she does not entertain personal questions asked by the media.

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