Hallmark movies come from one of America’s most popular media production companies. Hence, the actors working in that particular company are rich and famous. On a similar note, today will be talking about yet another popular hallmark actor named Geoff Gustafson. Geoff Gustafson is a popular Canadian television actor and media celebrity. He is popular worldwide for his features like Hot Tub Time Machine, Postal, and 2012.

Hence, as of 2022, he has finished working on over 70 plus features. Throughout the years, he has gathered a lot of experience. On a more recent note, He was in Panda versus Aliens’s television movie. Through that television series, he gained a lot of audiences. Since his discovery is rare on the Internet, we have gathered as much information about him. So let us Scroll down as we look at his life through his biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameGeoff Gustafson
Date of Birth20th of February 1974
BirthplaceVancouver, Canada
Net worth$2 million
Height5 feet and 6 inches
Zodiac SignPisces
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Geoff Gustafson
Geoff Gustafson in Sealed Via Hallmark

What is Geoff Gustafson age?

As of 2022, it seems that he is around the age of 48 years. Geoff Gustafson was born on the 20th of February 1974 in Vancouver, Canada. Since he was born in Canada, he holds a Canadian nationality card, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. However, even though the popular actor is a much demanded public celebrity, he has not revealed any details about his parents. 

Geoff Gustafson seems to be someone who takes his family privacy very seriously. However, It seems that he has one brother and a sister. But these details are neither denied nor confirmed by him. We think that he is keeping the details away to respect their privacy.

Where did Geoff receive his education?

As far as his educational qualifications are concerned. It seems that he has only revealed a couple of them. He has kept others a secret due to some reasons. Firstly, he studied his primary education at his local schools in Vancouver. Then, he again went to his local colleges nearby Vancouver to study more about his secondary education.

Lastly, he revealed that he studied at the University of Victoria, one of Canada’s most popular universities. However, even though he has revealed about His university, he has not revealed anything about the courses he took during his period at the university.

How was Geoff Gustafson commercial career?

The actor began his career in 1944 With the television series The Odyssey. As we all know, 2012 was a year that was predicted long that it would be the end of the world. Similarly, 2012 was a movie showing the Catastrophe time that might happen in the future. Even though those certain events didn’t take place. Geoff Still made a good income by working as Ark Bridge Crew.

Know another cast from The Odyssey Tyler Labine

Geoff has done many commercial campaigns with many sponsors like Future Shop, Volkswagen, Whiskeys, and tire company. So we can say that 2009 to 2017 was more of his era, and he did an amazing number of television shows and movies. Besides playing in tv-series and movies, he is also an avid enjoyer of them. In the interview done by a Parade, he stated that he is a big fan of the television series The Wire.

Geoff Gustafson
Geoff Gustafson with his co-star Via Twitter

Is Geoff Gustafson married?

Even though the popular actor doesn’t have his own dedicated Wikipedia page. All the necessary information about his private life has been revealed on his IMDb page. On his IMDb page, it is mentioned that he married an actress Back in 2009. The actress’s name was Alisen Down. The couple started dating back in 2008 and immediately married after one year.

However, their love was just a spark, and it didn’t last long. Both Husband and wife immediately separated within one year of their marriage in 2010. Hence, as of 2022, the popular actor is single. But we hope he will find his soul mate soon enough.

What is Geoff twitter account?

We certainly don’t have enough information about his social media accounts. It is because while searching, he only uses Twitter at the moment. His discography has been pretty silent on the Internet. We don’t know if he ever used any other popular social media platforms. However, some media websites confirm that he used to have social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. As of now, these social media account on the platforms are not available.

Geoff Gustafson
Geoff Gustafson behind the Scenes Via Wp

What is Geoff Gustafson net worth?

He is one of those actors who properly know how to do business with the acting industry. With his only source of income being acting, he chooses different income platforms to make a profit. For example, he works in television shows and movies and attends commercial advertisements to make more money.

Due to increased income sources, he has banked around $2 million as his net worth. Even though the number seems pretty high for such an unpopular actor. How an actor spends his income is not known to the public.

What is Geoff Gustafson height?

If we have to learn about his height, we must again refer to his IMDb page. He has properly mentioned that he is 5 feet and 6 and a half inches tall on his IMDB page. Along with his height, it seems that he weighs around 76 Kg. He resembles a typical Canadian Caucasian facial structure with black hair and dark brown eyes. As of 2022, he is completely healthy and is not suffering from major health complications. 

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