Gemma Beason is popular as the daughter of famous American celebrities Catherine Bell and Adam Beason. Being the daughter of famous movie stars has opened several doors for Gemma. Her parents have already gained huge fame and a little of that has been passed to Gemmas as well.

Even though her parents are no longer together, they have both of them had raised her very well. Furthermore, it is assumed that the celebrity child also wants to pursue her career in the acting industry. Keep reading this article to figure out more about Gemma and her personal life.

Quick Facts
Full NameGemma Beason
Age20 years
Date of BirthApril 16, 2003
Zodiac SignAries
Parents Catherine Bell (mother) and Adam Beason (father)
Marital Statusunmarried
Height N/A

What is Gemma Beason Age?

The celebrity kid was born on April 16, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, so her current age is 20 years old. Besides, Gemma’s zodiac sign is Aries and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Even though Gemma is a celebrity daughter, her early childhood remains away from the internet.

Gemma Beason
Image Source: Instagram (Gemma Beason as a child)

Furthermore, Gemma also has a younger brother named Ronan Beason, who was born in 2010. Both Gemma and Ronan have been living happily with their mother since their parents got divorced. Gemma seems not to be fond of cameras and social media, so, not much about her is out to the public.

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Who are Gemma Beason Parents?

As mentioned earlier, Gemma is the daughter of famous actress Catherine Bell and her ex-husband, Adam Beason. Her mother is best known for her appearance in different movies and TV series. On the other hand, her father has produced several movies.

Adam and Catherina first met on the set of Death Becomes Her in 1992. They had been together for over 17 years and went seperate ways after the divorce. However, Adam and Catherine parted ways in 2012. Before that, they had been living a beautiful life and both Adam and Gemma had immense love for their children.

What is Gemma Profession?

No, Gemma has not chosen any profession until now. However, the celebrity daughter had once said that she also wants to pursue a career in the acting industry. Furthermore, as per her age, Gemma might be in high school but Catherine’s daughter has not revealed any information about her educational background yet.

Gemma Beason
Gemma Beason, daughter of American celebrity Catherine Bell

Currently, she is only famous on the internet because of her parents. Besides, her parents have also never forced her to choose a specific profession, so she still has the liberty to become whatever she wants. In addition, if we knew about her educational background, that could also give some hints about her future profession.

Who is Brooke Daniels?

Brooke Daniels is Catherine’s recent partner and they are living happily since 2012. Catherine and Brooke were together immediately after the actress got apart from Adam. After that, the world came to know that Catherine Bell is bisexual but her daughter’s gender orientation is straight.

The young celebrity daughter has not revealed anything related to her love life until now. However, we know that she is neither married nor in any relationship yet. Therefore, we can also assume that Gemma has tried to stay away from any types of controversies and gossip related to her love life.

What is Gemma Beason Net Worth?

As Gemma has not involved herself in any profession, she has not started earning yet. However, the celebrity child lives a luxurious lifestyle with her mother. Both Gemma and her brother do not have to worry about anything as their parents have already earned a lot of money from their profession.

Nevertheless, Gemma’s mother has earned a lot of money, which has made her total net worth to be over $15 million. With this huge net worth, Catherine has raised her children most luxuriously and lavishly. If Gemma followed the footprint of her mother and choose acting as her profession, pretty soon she will also earn a lot of money.

Is Gemma Active on Social Media?

Gemma Beason has tried to keep herself away from the internet and more specifically social media. The celebrity child seems to be extremely private when it comes to her personal life.

Gemma Beason
Gemma Beason, through her mother’s Instagram

However, her mother has posted a few photos of both of her children so, where both brother and sister seem to be very happy with their mother. Gemma might be active on Instagram in the future but for now, we have no idea regarding her social media presence.

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