Filip Geljo is a young Canadian actor, best known for his outstanding performance in the movie Avatar, which became the highest-grossing film of all time. Despite being relatively new to the entertainment industry, he has managed to capture the hearts of many with his exceptional acting skills and charming personality.

Filip Geljo is a talented young actor with a bright future ahead of him. From his early years to his current success, he has shown dedication and passion for his craft, and he has won the hearts of many. In this biography, we will take a closer look at the life of Filip Geljo, from his early years to his successful acting career and personal life.

Quick Facts
Full NameFilip Geljo
Age 21 years
Date Of BirthMay 13, 2002
Relationship StatusFreya Allan
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight60 kg
Net Worth$500,000
Filip Gelijo
Talented Canadian actor, Filip Geljo

What is Filip Geljo Age?

Filip Geljo was born on May 13, 2002, in Toronto, Canada. According to his date of birth, his current age is 21 years. He was raised in a multicultural family with Serbian and Montenegrin roots. He has an interest in sports, particularly basketball, and soccer, but he also had a passion for acting. At the age of nine, he started taking acting lessons, and he quickly realized that this was his true calling.

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How did Filip begin his acting Career?

Filip Geljo began his acting career in 2012 when he was cast in the Canadian television series “Odd Squad.” The show became a hit, and Filip’s performance was praised by both fans and critics. He played the role of Agent Otto, a young agent with a knack for problem-solving. The success of the show led to the creation of a spin-off series, “Odd Squad: Mobile Unit,” in which Filip reprised his role.

In 2016, Filip Geljo landed his breakout role as teenage Aonung in the movie “Avatar.” Directed by James Cameron, the film was a massive success, grossing over $2.8 billion at the box office. Filip played the role of Aonung, a Na’vi teenager who befriends the protagonist, Jake Sully. His performance was widely acclaimed, and he was praised for his ability to convey a range of emotions despite his young age.

Since his success in “Avatar,” Filip Geljo has continued to act in various movies and TV shows. He appeared in the films “The Meaning of Life” and “The Adventure Club,” and he had a recurring role in the TV series “The Witcher.” He also lent his voice to the animated series “Dino Dana,” in which he played the character of Saara.

Is Filip Dating Anyone?

Filip Geljo is a private person, and he has kept his personal life away from the spotlight. He has not revealed much about his family or relationships. Though there are rumors of him dating his co-star from “The Witcher,” Freya Allan. Despite being young, he is mature beyond his years and has a dedication to his craft.

Filip Gelijo
Filip Gelijo via Instagam

What is Filip Geljo Net Worth?

Filip Geljo’s net worth is around $500,000, primarily earned through his acting career. While he may not have been in the industry for long, his breakout role in “Avatar” has helped him establish himself as a promising young actor. If we get any further information about his net worth we will update you through this article.

Filip Gelijo
Filip Gelijo via Instagram

What is Filip Gelijo Height?

Filip Geljo is 5 feet 10 inches tall and has a lean, athletic build. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, which give him a striking appearance on-screen. Despite his young age, he has a natural talent for acting and can convey a range of emotions with ease.

Is Filip on Instagram?

Filip is active on social media, particularly Instagram, where he has a significant following. He uses his platform to connect with his fans and share updates about his career. His Instagram feed is a mix of behind-the-scenes photos, candid moments with his co-stars, and personal snapshots. He also uses his platform to promote social causes that he cares about, such as environmental conservation and animal rights.

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