Erik Salitan is a registered guide and a former reality television actor. He got his overnight fame due to his lifestyle in Alaska and being a part of a reality show which was quite popular in the year 2013 to 2016. He was a spotlight in a National Geography channel show ‘Life Below Zero’. Everybody is aware of how cold Alaska is, so the show delivers the remote settings of Alaska. Furthermore, the show portrayed the remote setting lifestyle of people living in Alaska for survival daily.

As Erik is an explorer, his interest in Scout led to his impressive survival instincts on the show. Erik built a home in Wiseman while he was in Alaska. While he was building a house for himself, he lived in a tent. He went to the University of Fairbanks to enroll. It appears that his education abroad was successful. He was able to finish school with a degree in Conservation of Natural Resources. In this article, we will know more about Erik’s personal life and social media presence.

Quick Facts
Name Erik Salitan
Birth date February 9, 1984
Age 39
Birth placeNew York, United states
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Resident lliamna, Alaska
Gender Male
Net Worth $ 4 million

Where did Erik Salitan grow up?

Erik Salitan was born on February 9, 1984, in the United States which makes him 39 years of age. He grew up in the lower areas of the lower 48 states of New York. He was always ready to acquire meat so he indulged in exploring nature while hunting and fishing. The former television actor always wanted to explore options which led him to leave New York, while he was studying in twelfth grade. Moreover, he moved to Alaska at the age of 18, and then he never looked back.

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Erik Salitan
Erik Salitan, a cast member of Life Below Zero

Who is Erik Salitan Married to?

Erik Salitan is married to Martha Salitan, who is a second-generational sport fishing operator. Martha Salitan was born and raised in Alaska, so they met in their hometown and got engaged during an ice fishing outing. Both of them had a passion for hunting and fishing so, they got along very well together. In addition, their official marriage date has not been disclosed by the couple but they are happily married with a son named Lucas Salitan.

Erik Salitand
Erik Salitand with his wife Martha Salitan

Is Erik Salitan in Life Below Zero?

Erik Salitan is the original cast member of the National Geography reality show Life Below Zero. This reality show is based on the people living in Alaska where the environment is in sub-zero degrees. The show features how the people of Alaska survive daily with the technique and skills they developed over the years to survive. Erik first debut was in season 1 episode 1 of ‘End of the Road’ on May 9, 2013.

Till 2016 he appeared in the show for a total of 36 episodes. Regardless of not winning any awards or nominations for the show as a television actor, still the show got positive responses and critics winning eight Primetime Emmy awards in different categories. Besides that, Erik had an expert knowledge of hunting and geography so he became an outfitter. 

What happened to Erik Salitan on Life Below Zero?

Erik with his wife Martha was a part of the show. Life Below Zero is a show which revolved around the main character Erik Salitan and his business. When producers became too obsessed with his work and business, which caused a certain discomfort in him so he decided on leaving the show.

Erik Salitan
Erik Salitan enjoys catching fish

What is Erik Salitan Net Worth?

Erik Salitan along with his wife Martha Salitan has made a good amount of fortune over the past few years. They live at lake lliamna with his family on the Alaska peninsula. Besides that former reality television actor has immensely made a whopping net worth of over 400,000 dollars as estimated to date.However, Erik managed to live a very simple life as a hunter and gatherer over time. He established his own hunting guide business called Bushwack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting in the year 1998 in Lliamna. 

What is Erik Salitan Height?

Erik Salitan has dark brown eyes and light brown hair color with a slim figure which makes him 175 cm tall which is about 5 feet 6 inches. He also weighs about 176 pounds calculated as 80kg. Fans loved Erik because of his almost-rags-to-riches story, but it sounds like Erik was happier away from the spotlight. If we receive any related information about Erik’s physical appearance we will update you all through this article.

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