Getting into fame on your own is an achievement, whereas getting famous because of the kids is nothing less than blessing. A similar case goes with our Celebrity Father Dontay Banks Sr., the Lil Durk father. A renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter by profession.

Dontay has lived a dark, sad past of imprisonment. He left his seven-month-old son Lil Durk alone and was sentenced to Jail for 25-years. However, when he returned, Dontay found himself surrounded by heartbreaking events behind his presence. Hence, to know what had actually happened to Dontay and how he is spending his life nowadays, tune in with this page till the end.

What is Dontay Banks Sr. Age? How Old is Lil Durk’s Dad?

Quick Facts
NameDontay Banks
ProfessionCelebrity Father
ChildrenLil Durk and Dontay Banks Jr.

Who is Dontay Banks?

Dontay Banks is the father of Lil Durk and Dontay Banks Jr. He was born during the 1950s and currently at the age of ’60s. He originally hails from Chicago, United States of America. Similarly, Dontay holds an American Nationality and belongs to the Muslim religion. Unfortunately, there is not much information known about him at present.

Lil Durk Dad Reunites With Him After 25 Years


The Father of Lil Durk was known as a drug supplier who has linked with several underworld criminals. However, because of which he has to live half of his life behind the US irony Jail. Apart from his dark career, his son Lil Durk earned and started his career days from YouTube.

However, Dontay’s son did not have any solid intentions to start YouTube, but he randomly started uploading his musical and rap videos to YouTube and Myspace. As a result, he begins gaining recognition and views for his talent. Even though Lil Durk has not learned or practiced his musical abilities, he eventually appeared on TV because of his god gifted talent.

Dontay’s Son, Lil Durk, went through hard several times and struggles during his initial career days. But lastly started shining like a Sun through his albums and Songs like Remember My Name, Lil Durk 2X, Viral Moment, 3 Headed Goat, The Voice, and much more.

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Personal Life

Don’t Bank Sr. was accused and punished after being convicted for distributing unauthorized things in South Side Chicago. He was being put behind bars for 25-years. However, as per his son Lil Durk, it was all a conspiracy done by Larry Hoover as Dontay did not snitch on Larry. Also, it was all his intention to sent Dontay’s into police Mugshot.

There is no information as to whom Mr.Dontay’s married, but he has two sons named Durk Derrick Banks (Lil Durk) and Dontay Banks Jr. Both were just some years and months of age when he was sentenced to Jail. However, his dearest sons found their way to live a life even without his father. And gained a lot of success in each of their life.

Death of Dontay Banks Jr.

OTF DThang, aka Dontay Banks Jr., was shot dead near Chicago’s Club O. He is the oldest son of Dontay Banks Sr. However, there is no result from Investigation came out about the killers of DThang. Chicago’s MediaTakeout first confirmed the news on June 5th, 2016.

Who are Dontay Banks Sr. Grandchildren? How Many Son Does He Have?

Dontay Banks Grand Children

When Dontay Banks was behind bars, his younger son Lil Durk was working hard to achieve the position and fame which father dreams about. As a result, after achieving fame, he also dated many ladies and high profiles females in his life.

From the very first girlfriend, Lil Durk welcomed daughter Angelo Banks in 2008. Similarly, he also becomes the father of five more kids from dating many more ladies. The other children are Bella Banks, Zayden Banks, Du’mier Banks, Skyler Banks, and Willow Banks.

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Is Dontay Banks Sr. on Social Media?

A lot of people often ask about Banks’ official Social Media account. But unfortunately, he is not active on any of it. However, his son Lil Durk is a very active social media user having more than 10.5 Million followers on Instagram with the name ‘@lildurk.’ He also active on Twitter’ @lildurk’ with over 5.3 Million Followers.

Net Worth

Since Dontay Banks’ actual profession and earning are not revealed in Public Yet, we can announce the earnings and fortune about his rapper and singer son Lil Durk’s. As of 2021, Dontay’s son has an estimated Net Worth of more than $3 Million, earned and accumulated from his musical career.

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